NEW 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341

hi folks today we're going to look at the 2018 new air. I already did a video on the 33:43 this is the 33 41 it was brought to my attention that around the country actually the 33 43 has been selling a little better.

I said well clearly that's because. I did a video on that one. I didn't do a video on this one so.

I love this floorplan. So, let's not let the 33 41 feel left out. I like to paint on this one even better than on the last one that we did.

I'm a big fan of the blacks and Silver's and tans and this is just a gorgeous paint job. So, like always this is the true Newmar masterpiece finished okay you're on your hand across there you do not feel the lines. I'm not saying you don't feel much.

I'm saying you do not feel the lines try that on my competitors again the new air is a true high-end short bus this has no competitor in the marketplace nobody is doing a high-end short bus whenever they shorten it up the manufacturer somehow equates short with cheap and and. So, for your for your people that want the X the height rim level or maybe they have a big bus and they're used to the higher trim level there's no options for them when they go short they go cheap this is the things that you're not going to see on other coaches independent front suspension okay it's a heavy coach this coach has a gross vehicle weight rating of thirty eight thousand six hundred that is a heavy coach most short buses 34 foot diesel pushers they have a gross vehicle weight rating of twenty-six thousand folks the heavier you are the less you feel the semis around you and that type of thing. So, this is a true heavy duty bus it's built on a very unique chassis we'll get into that in a moment it is a side radiator on a short bus there's not another one out there.

So, you actually have engine access in here this is the 360 engine with 800 foot-pounds of torque V ride suspension man. I know we're going to get into a lot of other things of course it has the one-piece fiberglass roof it has the tile floor it has the heated floor these are things that just aren't found in my competitors out there this is a new segment of our marketplace, but it's already selling. So, we know it's going to do great one of the reasons it's doing.

So, well is because Newmar really nailed it with the storage on this coach and we're going to go around the outside compartments now and we're going to see what they did it's very unique how they did it. I had a long talk with one of newmars engineers because it was blowing my mind what. I was seeing and what.

I understood the chassis that this was being built on those two didn't jive, but, but as he told me this was a clean sheet project for them in other words they weren't taking another coach and tweaking it or using front caps for this or rear cap. So, that they could create this from scratch and they were very very excited to do it it's just made a wonderful wonderful small bus force. So, let's take a look generators running right now, but.

I don't think it will interfere with our video of course it's in the nose all right up front here this is mostly Freightliner fuses and stuff like that this is built on a Freightliner chassis of course Newmar put in some some spare fuses there and in fact we'll go ahead and start at the front. So, we can get a good look and we're going to look at the generator all right up front we actually have an 8,000 watt generator most short buses are going to have a 6500 watt generator this is actually an 8000 watt generator we also, if you look in there we've got real air horns tucked away back there and then between those two air horns you see the hot water line - generator option we option that in and that's a wonderful little feature because, if you want to clean bugs off your windshield they clean a lot better with hot water than they do cold. So, nice feature there want to make sure we got a shot of that all right let's work our way around this bus we have eight AGM batteries in here AG M stands for absorbed glass mat they are the high end batteries they hold a charge better they deal better with a discharged state a regular liquid battery that had lead acid battery, if you will doesn't deal well with being discharged for long periods of time that actually will kill the battery these it doesn't seem to hurt them much it's not that you want to do it that way you always want to keep them charged, but they deal with that and they deal with the charging and discharging.

So, much better and you get better life out of these. So, you'll like these especially on a high end application like this all right we get to start to see some of the storage in here, but really when we get around to the other side is when you can appreciate this what amazed me was the height here you know we have a ceiling height that's pretty much the same as it is on a Dutch star or a mountain air inside there's a slight difference, but it's not noticeable. I will tell you that the coach rides about the same height off the ground as those coaches and yet this has a taller basement space and it's 7/8 inches shorter than those codes how do you pull that all in fact.

I think it's 9 inches shorter than those coaches how do you make a shorter coach with about the same interior height do a taller basement in the same right it didn't make sense. So, like. I said there are reasons for what they did there they were very smart on how they did their floors on how they did their slide mechanisms your slide mechanisms are mounted above the floor not below here.

So, you don't have them encroaching down into your basement space they just really were thinking outside the box here on this side we have our 50 amp Shore power cord on a reel and that's a power reel of course and then you see the Oasis system next to it the Oasis system is the hydronic heating that this coach has again show me another 34 foot bus with hydronic heating, if it exists it's news to me because. I've never heard of it never seen it in all my years of doing this you can see the the dirt Devils back in there above the core drill. So, that's good you know nice central vac system built into this coach as well let's move on back a bay this is our wet Bay in our wet Bay first thing.

I notice is that we do have a whole house water filtration system. So, every drop of water that comes through this coach goes through that filter whether you're on city water or whether you are on running off your fresh water tank that's a wonderful feature secondly you've got your your power hose reel down here instead of having your fresh water hose all coiled up in the bottom there you actually have its own little spot board and it's on a power reel that's good we have a water tap out here to this side as well and hot and cold water on a showerhead. So, lots of features there.

I love being able to check my tank levels out here. I don't have to go inside to do that of course you have a black tank flush you expect that and then some other features that you may not pick up on this guy right here this is a SantaCon system now a SantaCon system and not everybody has a need for one, but they're handy as heck when you need it, if you're, if you're always camping in campsites where you pull up and you know there's your termination point on your coach and you're dumped you're dumped at the campsite is right here well quite frankly you don't need a SantaCon system for that you let gravity do its thing use the big hose and go on about your business, but some people like to store their coach in a building or sometimes they're in a situation where they need to dump their tanks, but they need to go a longer distance with the SantaCon system you can actually hook a it's got a hose on this probably 20 feet long and then you can hook a garden hose to the end of that. I think, if my numbers are correct you can go up to 200 feet even uphill with a SantaCon system.

I think those numbers are correct it's been a while since. I read the specs on that, but, but somebody can correct me and they will in the comments below if. I got that wrong, but, but that's what a SantaCon system does it actually grinds it and shoots it.

So, you can dump to a much farther away place and into a smaller smaller hole you don't have to have the big hole to to dump into this little clear tube right here is actually for your winterization that makes winterization a breeze and then we have our autofill selector on here where you can set it the tanks to autofill what that means is while you're plugged in at a campground it will actually keep your tank mostly full pretty much all the way full and the idea of that is twofold when you get ready to leave you got a nice full tank. So, that's good, but also, if you're going to campground with a low pressure situation you can turn on your water pump as well as your your city water pressure and kind of double your pressure that way and get a little more powerful shower out of it. I'd never thought of using it that way actually a customer brought that pointed that to my attention like that's a really good idea it's where.

I get all my all my good information this is none of this is original folks all right we see a little exhaust down there that is actually for the hydronic heating system we see our entry door here. I entry door our emergency exit door. I'll get this right here and.

I'll show you how that works right now give me one moment all right the emergency exit door new mark came up with this a couple of years ago and you know it was a great idea at the time and and really nobody else was doing it instead of climbing out headfirst through a window they came up with a door and. I would much rather jump out here sure. I'm five feet off the ground or so, but.

I'd much rather jump out here than go out a window headfirst in the case of emergency, but Newmar took it one step further this year and added the telescoping ladder you pulled this panel this is just magnetic and it goes right back on there's just velcro here and then flip this down. I'm going to do it slowly, but in the case of an emergency. I'd be doing this much quicker how about that now you've got a handle here you can easily climb down this without hurting yourself and you're on to safety what a great idea it just goes to show you that Newmar is always pushing the envelope as far as safety goes and they're thinking of things that other companies aren't thinking of.

I hope that's a as impressive to you as it is to me. I'm this door by the way it does lock, but it's almost as almost no reason to accept or maybe keep somebody in because on the outside there's not even a door handle on the outside. So, you're it's a very secure setup alright let's move on okay.

I did forget to point out a little up there behind the front wheels it is a dual fuel fill on this coach. So, you can fill from either side sometimes you know. I think.

I know all of the new more diesel pushers are that way. I know that not all coaches are so. I forget to point out the the little things sometimes so.

I do apologize when. I miss those we do have docking lights here in case you get a little too close to the picnic table well to keep you from getting a little too close to the picnic table when you are backing into your campsite these are the new Mar flush mount slides instead of having a piece of plastic or fiberglass here to cover this gap they actually they recess back into the wall that's not going to catch wind that's not going to catch water it's not going to give you the the noise that you would normally have these are power window awnings as well and. I'll get those open and we'll get at least a shot of that before we're done here all right this is our de f2 tank de f stands for diesel exhaust fluid this is basically any diesel made since 2010 needs to have this the diesel exhaust fluid keeps us emission compliant makes these engines very very clean in some cities these actually clean the air as you go through Diesel's nowadays are just ridiculously clean this tank you use about a gallon of this for every 50 gallons of fuel that you use.

So, it's not a big expense to you or anything, but you do have to fill it every now and then of course there's a gauge for it and. So, you don't run out and make sure you don't run out um then this goat little compartment right here that's for your sewer hose. So, you can store your sewer hose right in and it's not in with your freshwater hose which.

I think we can all agree that's good talked about it briefly earlier this is the side radiator package which means when. I go around to the back and show you the engine you know what you'll be able to see the engine when you have a rear radiator you cannot see the engine you can't get to the engine you can't change belt you can't do any of that it's a cheaper way to build a coach and. I understand why they do it and even Newmar does it on some of their coaches, but given the choice most our viewers would definitely prefer to have this on the side over here where it's always getting fresh air one thing we did option in on this coach was the chrome package down across the bottom you know it's not a cheap option actually it's a little more than.

I would think that it would be, but. I loved it it just makes the coaches stand out. So, much when you're dealing with this high end of a coach it deserves that package alright moving on back here we have that 360 horsepower Cummins diesel with 800 foot-pounds of torque and get up in there with the camera and we'll actually be able to see the engine what a rare thing in diesel pushers today of course you've got real good access back here to different filters and your water separator and that type of thing you can see your air filter gauge on here that tells you when you need to change that you can actually over here is your Oasis bottle that's your boiler antifreeze that the hydronic system uses by the way why.

I said this is actually a big boy diesel in a little package this coach will flat tow 10,000 pounds so, if you've got a heavy SUV or you want to tow your pickup truck behind you and flat tow it weighs more than 5,000 pounds well that's going to make it untold by most of the of the DS well by any other diesel of this side it's not the size it's not towable this one will absolutely do it. So, that's what's nice about this coach was drop that back down get a great shot of that rear cap you see that it's a very tall rear cap and you've actually got that rear wing. I guess you might call it up there that kind of brings you in line height wise will come around to this side of the coach it brings you in line height wise with the fact that you've got Gerard awnings on this coach awnings instead of being bolted to the side of the coach are are molded up into the top rail of the coach that it's just such a much better high-end bus look than having something just bolted to the side of your coach you'll love the Girard on ease we're going to open all the awnings on this coach here in a minute, but let's let's get back to our compartments back here we can actually see a couple things we have the chassis batteries that's what start your engine we have the chassis disconnect back here that actually shuts the coach off in a storage situation and then down below you have the all-in-one emission filter this is part of the after treatment for the engine that's your diesel particulate filter your de F filter all in one alright moving on a little bit of storage there they tried to utilize every inch of space on this coach now here is where this coach just blew my mind is in these next compartments.

I'm going to open them up because, if you blindfolded me walked me up to this coach and showed me this much storage. I'd be thinking wow this is a high-end coach this must be a 40-footer. I would never in a million years dream it's a 34-foot coach this is equivalent to about a 40-foot Dutch stars with a storage in here it's ridiculous the height is even better than that on a 40-foot Dutch star the nice part about the new air is it's a mountain air trim level with king air electronics and and storage like a Dutch start it's really impressive in that fashion now we did put in the power trays on here we know sometimes people have a little bit of trouble bending over and it's just not comfortable for them anymore pressing a, button is nice.

So, both of these trays are actually power you can see sitting on the Left tray there you actually have some spare tile just in case down the road you drop a skillet or something in there and you crack one of your tiles these tiles came out of the same batch same box as the tile that's in the coach. So, you'll have a perfect dial op match on the right you see the maximum tools those are for your Dirt Devil. So, your central vac and this compartment over here you see some electronics there on the wall the top one the black Dometic box that's actually the controller in the wind sensor for your awning that is over the door and then below that those little white boxes those are actually the controller for your Girard awnings which there are two of those.

So, you do have two controls these compartments are all lit with LEDs. I forgot to turn them on my bad, but it's daytime. So, we don't need them alright let's move on check this look what we have here and a coach this short they actually made room for the all-in-one refrigerator freezer that is outstanding this actually pulls out a little farther this is a refrigerator or freezer your choice you set it to where you want it and then this just pushes back in and out of the way then we have these ant Rex 3000 watt pure sine inverter that will run all your electronics and protect all your electronics on the inside inverters do the opposite of converters inverters take 12 volt DC current and change it to 110 volt AC current.

So, you can run your microwave you can run your electronics inside most of the outlets are hot just off of the inverter you don't even have to have your generator running for a lot of these applications now, if you want to run your real fair ok gotta have the generator running for that, but just for running TVs and microwaves and stuff like that you can actually power it off the inverter when you're going down the road. I love this new feature for 2018 what and the world is that of it bet that's what you're thinking let me show you this guy slides right in here that's your flagpole that's an option we brought it in for all of our 2018 it's an option throughout the new Mon Line and bring your own flag shove it right down in there you're not bolting or zip tying something to your coach at that point. So, that makes it a lot nicer okay.

I promise you we're going to open up some awnings let's do that now all right we have them fully opened up now we have the two Gerard awnings that's our main awnings here they come down in a great pitch. So, you've got tons of shade hardly any gap in between them here in fact there's not even a a really a change in the shadow that they put on the concrete here. So, wonderful space the whole side of your coach is awning.

So, you'll love those got nice little over-the-door on it so, if it's sprinkling getting in and out on you you aren't going to get wet every time you transfer from under this line to under this one wonderful shade for the inside and protects your furnishings from too much sunlight getting on them on this side and let's walk around to the other side because we have a couple on there as well these are all electric. So, it's just pressing, buttons and then one two three awnings over here and those are the acrylic awnings not the vinyl that's the nicer material it's a little more breathable. So, there we go this is this coach fully expanded it looks like it's ready to take flight.

I know you want to see the inside let's go do that now all right one of our most popular requests is to always show the coach with the slides in and again that came from my YouTube Watchers so, if you make requests. I do try to honor them. I appreciate it when you ask me to do a video on a particular item.

I will always try to honor that request understand. I don't have every Newmar floorplan of every model in stock. So, sometimes that's a tricky ones about you know ask for a specific model of a Dutch star or something we just don't have it so.

I can't conjure one up, but, if it's here. I will always do it please remember like our page subscribe to our like our video and subscribe to our page that helps us out that's one of two requests we have the other one is don't forget to ask for me. I love it when somebody buys from one of my co-workers and say oh there's the guy on the video.

I'm Leon great thanks a lot this is how. I make my living. So, uh sometimes that's not clear anyway as we walk through here notice you do have a nice aisle way through here this is a four slide coach.

So, you know you whenever you squeeze from both sides you're going to get squeezed a little bit in the middle, but this has very nice seating and still a nice walkway. I can walk right through here no problems okay get all the way back of course one of the things we might want to get to is a refrigerator going down the road that's easy through here and then we're into the bathroom big shower here and easy access to the bathroom while going down the road now you can also get back to the bedroom you could lay on this bed the entire bed is available to you it's it you know it's a queen-size bed. So, you can stretch out on there and sleep going down the road just fine alright let's open this up.

So, you can see what it looks like once camp is set up all right we are inside of our 2018 new air 33:41 a lot to talk about here is is going to be one of our longer videos just because on the outside there was a lot to cover and. I want to make sure we're as thorough as we can be this is a new coach and on the inside there's a lot to cover first of all it does not feel like you're in a small coach when you walk in this is this coach is legitimately under 34 feet long it's 33 feet and change. So, it is a true short bus, but it is high-end like nobody else is doing this is a mountain air trim level with King air electronics on a short bus and that's just unheard of.

So, let's start. I really think the cockpits probably the area to start on this one we'll start at the front and work our way back a lot to talk about up here okay first of all it has all the features that you would expect a Newmar to have from their other diesels comfort drive first and foremost, if you're not familiar with comfort drive. I don't want to get into that too much now it is an absolute game changer everybody's Diesel's Drive well new Mars Drive better don't believe me come try it, if you want the short answer for this or the short information on this there's a video right next to this one on our, if you're on our page at mount comfort RV comm watching this video right next to this there'll be a video we did on comfort drive and it's the same on all the diesels.

So, we did it that way. So, we don't have to do the Comfort Drive portion of this every single time. So, please watch the video let's start over here on the drivers left you have of course the leveling system this is an HWH hydraulic leveling system fully automatic just hit the auto level, button and it does the rest first of all it dumps the air then it levels the coach step up here we have the Allison transmission this is the 3000 series transmission not the 2500 that's important because officials of the 2500 series transmission this coach with only two 5000 pounds.

So, the reason we can flat tow 10,000 pounds is because they actually stepped up because this is a true high-end bus and put the 3000 series transmission on we have a traction control override on here yeah. I suppose you could use that, if you're in a loose gravel situation and having trouble getting the coach going and the traction control is kicking in you can actually it's a momentary, button you can hold that down and use that to work your way out you have a power driver's window over here which it's funny that most diesel pushers do not have a power window that cracks me up, but, but they don't this one does and we have our engine break off and on right here. So, that that's right here very easily reached by the driver you do have two cupholders here as well okay we have a charge port this is kind of new for Newmar this year where we have actually a usb on the driver's side and then there's an eighth inch jack in so, if you wanted to come off your phone and hook into you know listen to Pandora or something like that that's an input for the radio, but you could do that through the Bluetooth as well.

So, you know. I don't think we'll be using that as much in the future right here. I'm gonna put my phone up there give it a moment come on cooperate there we go see the green light come on and my phone says charging.

So, that is a Qi charger or a wireless charger there's one on the driver's side of this coach there's also one on the passenger over by the armrest there so, if you have Samsung phones it probably already does it, if you have other androids it probably already does it, if you have an iPhone it won't do it except there's a special case you can buy to put on your iPhone and will enable the wireless charging. I love it so. I have that at home.

I have a basically a little pad like that's the thing why. I charge my phone so. I use it every night okay over here to the drivers left we have the battery boost switch the battery boost switch is actually, if you ran your batteries down below you left your headlights on or something you killed your chassis batteries you can actually start your coach by pressing this switch in and and using the house batteries to just start your engine you have your headlights on and off over here your bright and dim switch over here your dome light is over here as well and flashing your high beams is there among the - also as well as we've got heated mirrors and power mirrors and of course your parking brake your comfort drive system is over here also your control for that and our tilt wheels down on the floor left foot does that and this is all your coach controls right here this is a little different than other smart wheels that are out there first of all this is push-button start that's all new for 2018 on the on the new air.

So, there we go just like that we're running foot on the brake and hit the, button look at this - load up just a steering wheel out of the way it's all digital lots to see on there now this new system. I told you it has like king air electronics in it this actually has the on GOG collision avoidance system in it where it is adaptive cruise technology it will paste the vehicle in front of you, if that vehicle suddenly stops and you're not paying attention it can actually apply the brakes to the coach as well obviously it's not something we want to play with, but it's a great emergency be chime not demonstrating that feature by the way nor have. I tested it, but, but it's nice to know that it's out there to where an event that you aren't paying attention the coach actually is.

So, that's that's a wonderful feature. I've never seen that on another motorhome all right definitely when you fire that up and show the dash though our camera control over here this is outstanding there are four cameras on the outside of this coach what does the the overhead shot here this that you see right here that's actually all four cameras and then the computer stitches them together in the corners which is really really neat right now that that shot looks a little off that's because our slides are open and our awnings are at that smething with the cameras a little bit you can choose any one of the four cameras to kind of look at here there's what's in front of us right now then. I can choose behind this and then right side that's out under the awning the left side well that was like.

So, much it's under a window lining and then kind of from your side cameras you can see as well so. I guess, if six cameras on the outside of this coach, if we count those. So, it's just a ridiculous amount of camera control here there's out both sides the 360 is obviously my favorite that just shows you what especially when you're driving at what's around you at any given time these are adjustable pedals on this coach.

So, you can move them in and out and they're actually an automotive style pedal there no no, if we can see that in the shot, but they're not a they're not a truck style pedal is the main thing on there of course we have - fans up top high and low on those we have our and those are hidden by the way you don't see those those are actually extra defrost fans is what they are our visor controls for up front and our front shader right here our docking lights entry locks can be controlled right here. I can lock and unlock the door interestingly enough for 2018 on all the diesels that have the power locks when you put the coach in drive and release the brake it automatically locks the entry door. So, that's nice our air horn controls up here.

So, our - air controls down here in the center as well as another 12 volt port and then storage drawers here and these seats do both rotate around and they are both recliners. So, when you're on a 34-foot coach. I think that's important, if you have a 43-foot coach.

I think it probably doesn't matter that much, but on a 34-foot coach. I think it definitely matters and both these seats rotate around and they are recliners nice grab handle when you come in and out of this coach you've got one here and then one on the side ok and then the passenger has some good controls here as well they control the step cover oh. I forgot to show should showed coming in now.

I'm going to have to climb down in the hole there's storage in these steps ok that lifts up these are chorion okay that one lifts up as well by the shown that coming in. I wouldn't have to climb like that, but. I forgot all right.

So, we've spent 10 minutes on this coach and we're still in the cockpit it's probably driving some of the people mad they really don't care about the cockpit all right here we go let's take a look around this is a beautiful tile this is a heated tile floor it is gorgeous it's a nice kind of a gray color they've laid the tiles on the angle and stagger them it just looks outstanding throughout there's no carpet in this coach not on the slides not anywhere it's carpet free people love that we have wonderful Flexsteel furniture in here as well this sofa does make into a bed this is the trifold sofa new for this year this is the new new cabinet color for this year and this is the high-gloss version of that this is called Bermuda glazed maple in all of the cabinet colors this year you can get in a matte finish or in the high gloss this is the high gloss we have again of our feature you just don't see another short buses this is actually multiplex lighting throughout the coach this coach has somewhere between six and seven thousand pounds of gross of cargo carrying capacity. So, it like said the thirty eight-six is the gross vehicle weight rating the coach weighs about 32,000 pounds. So, it's a crazy amount especially for a short bus that's a heavy bus it is a crazy amount of gross vehicle weight rating for this coach, but they didn't want that customer that is used to having a really high-end bus whether it's in a you know Allegro bus or a American Eagle or a mountain air a Dutch star King Air doesn't matter it's that used to a forty forty five foot bus coming down to this they didn't want them to suffer on storage and they didn't want them to suffer on amenities they wanted the same features that they were used to on those buses and.

So, it has it you don't have to think about those things they even won't you have to think about well. I can't take this stuff with me because. I don't have enough cargo capacity guess what it has enough cargo carrying capacity alright let's get to some entertainment here we have at elevator right next to the booth by the way this booth is extremely comfortable and.

I get the question from time to time can. I get a table and chairs in here well you know this is new Martin they're very customizable and they're very open to such things there's usually lots of dinette options. So, can you get a table and chairs in here absolutely not not going to happen don't ask can't do it there are structural reasons why that can't happen in regards to where the that structural.

I guess in regards to where the slide mechanisms are because part of the slide control and mechanisms are under these booths. So, you get a booth there are two different booths available one makes a bed one does not the one that makes a bed is nice, but it's not as comfortable as this one this is the gyro booth and it's actually more comfortable. So, wonderful booth, if you'll notice in here these drawers aren't necessarily as deep is what you would think there is storage in there which is good, but you think that might be a foot deep they're not and that is why there are things under here that cannot be relocated this was done they had to commit to that very very early because they wanted to give great exterior storage that great outside storage.

I showed you earlier that is because of relocating slide mechanisms and controls and stuff like that to underneath this booth that was something they had to commit to and stay with it. So, unfortunately no table and chairs options for this that's a bad news now here's the good news, if you're open-minded. I encourage everyone to try a booth.

I understand the booths aren't necessarily the most popular dinette for everybody in the diesel pusher arena. I think part of that comes from early on when they were doing diesel pushes they were taking these booths that were out of travel trailers they were built out of one by twos and plywood and and they put a foam cushion on them and called it a booth, but they were uncomfortable as all get-out they sat on them and your belly was up against it and you had no room and they were hard this is real furniture this is inner Springs underneath this seat this is comfortable. I'm not a small guy look at the clearance.

I have here this is actually much more comfortable than a table and chairs. I'd argued those blue in the face on that this is not an uncomfortable seat by any stretch of the imagination you do gain some storage under there and it looks great this table does pull out there is a leaf back in the back closet as well. So, you can add some some extra space here, if need be, but for the most part this is it you know this coach is built for two people likes a little sleep for, but it's built for two let's take a look at some of the storage in here because just like on the outside they wanted to maximize the storage so.

I'm going to open up some cabinets and just let Tony get some good shots here all the way around even up in the cockpit area there's big storage all right and then some of these. I couldn't open because you can't open all at the same time there we go there's good storage yeah and there's some side storage here all right. So, you can see there they kind of put cabinets everywhere one nice thing that newmars done across the line is they got rid of the Sony unit which Sony's a wonderful unit, but it was a big home theater system it was just physically big not necessary for an RV they went to the Bose system this year which is a much smaller system eliminates a head knocker here that was on previous coaches and you can kind of see that Bose sound bar right there Tony right on time with that this compartment has your blu-ray player in it and this is all pre-wired for whatever satellite receiver you want to put in this coach does have the in motion satellite dish on it as we speak okay let me close these cabinets you have beautiful day and night versions of these shades here and they are of course power these are a roller style shade they're not the not the true day/night shade the pleated shade that everybody hates these are actually a nice roller shade and they are power we do keep them down when we're filming just because the changing of the light really messes with the camera and kind of messes us up a little bit.

So, this is the day shade that's down there's a true blackout shade that comes down as well. So, that's just a press of a, button to make that happen of course you come back to the kitchen we have a wonderful chorion throughout Newmar goes all this in-house we lift this up we actually have an undermount cooktop that's a two burner cooktop okay and it's actually removable you can take that out and take it outside and plug it in and cook outside, if you want to so, if you haven't tried induction yet. I encourage it.

I have it at home and. I love it one big sink it's deep it's wide it's stainless and it's under mountain. So, the chorion covers it nicely good countertop space for a small coach back here of course you have a pulldown sink spray all right let's get the kitchen storage, if this is an adjustable shelf in here.

So, you can move that up or down accordingly. So, that's some good storage there and then look here a nice pullout trashcan door they always forget the trashcan door it seems like and. I.

I love that they did not on this coat this flips down this opens up okay that's good pot pots and pans storage back there that goes all the way to the back wall that's deep note there seems to be some light coming from back there they put some LEDs in deep drawers here and then nice drawers here three of them now you can option in the dishwasher on this coach and you would lose two of these three drawers this washer is always a tricky option for us because 50% of the people want it and the other 50% say man why would you give up that much storage space and both of them think the other group is crazy. So, it's a tough one for those of us who spec out these coaches because we never know what the next customer to the door is going to want on a 34 footer our logic was people would probably rather have the storage. So, we we went with that.

I can order you one with a with a dishwasher and. I could probably modify this one, if we needed to. So, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it we have a 30 inch residential convection microwave here all right with our Samsung Refrigerator all LED lights.

I love it with a pullout freezer with an icemaker pantry and a nice pantry notice again it's lit they did a nice job with the LED lighting in there these are pull outs, but they are adjustable in height. So, you can change the height to whatever you prefer all right and then one of the big differences between the the two new air floor plans is the bathroom setup you have a side bath and the other one this one you have a center bath what we call split bath now nice part with the split bath is you have a pocket door here and you have a pocket door here so. I can close this when the don't shake man that's a good-looking door and then you can close this one as well and this all creates one big area here that is like one big kind of bathroom suite, if you will so, if you've got both of them closed you actually have room in here to get dressed.

So, that that's nice, but let's. I'm going to try to step aside a little bit let Tony get in there all right you can see the door that we demonstrated from the outside there's the egress door on the inside nice undermount sink good storage in here nice size medicine cabinet and. I've been chastised on the comments to always open all the compartments oh look there's a plug in that well see that's why you always open all the compartments.

I didn't know that was there so. I'm look at all our storage and this one gets even more difficult because Tony. I'm going to open it.

I'll let you get in there there's storage as you come in and kind of do 180 degrees there's more storage. So, again Newmar used every square inch for this coach all right let's continue on to the bedroom nice sized television that's got to be pushing a 40-inch so. I didn't.

I didn't read that that's a 40 inch, but that's what it looks like the meets at least 36. I promise you that nice sized TV for the bedroom storage above and below we have the three compartments here now again this one would be for a satellite receiver it already has your blu-ray in it good storage there and then six drawers down below you have to utilize all your space, but look at the size of these drawers and that's six of them that's outstanding queen-size bed there is no king bed option again we're dealing with the coach that's under 34 feet long and. I know one of the things you run into with RVs is everybody wants a 34 footer on the outside, but a 45 footer on the inside that's obviously a tough request for us folks it's under 34 feet long it is a wonderful walk around Queen you've got room on both sides, but it is a queen bed now we do have outlets on both sides.

I always get that question little shelves on both sides. So, anybody that has a little CPAP machine or anything like that there's room for this little guy right here if. I hadn't spent some time in RVs.

I wouldn't have really realized how neat this little feature is first of all it you know diffuses the light, but still gives you some lighter gives you some privacy and some light which is nice you can see your window awning open out there, but secondly. I and maybe this is just me because obviously. I am hair challenged follically challenged you didn't need to zoom in, but a when it when.

I've been asleep in a coach before and it's cold outside you actually can get even though they're dual pane windows you can get a fair amount of cold air radiating off of those this just puts one more layer between you and the the windows. So, that's actually a really nice feature storage above and there's four of those. So, the other two look about like these two and then we have a full rear wardrobe and washer/dryer on the back wall there's our leaf for our table down low again notice we have LED lighting built-in back here there's a cabinet here this actually has your circuit breakers at your safe is over here sorry don't randomly bouncing around all right circuit breakers and everything for the coaches here yeah you don't need to see that and then stackable not at all in one washer/dryer like you might expect in a coach of this size this is actually a whirlpool stackable washer/dryer built in all right let's back up to the living room.

I skipped an area right this way let's talk about silver leaf okay silver leaf is the next generation of Coach controls everything being built into kind of one little box nice thing is you know just like we're all getting used to tablets and phones and and all of that this kind of works the same way we're on our home screen now okay and on our home screen we can see without touching anything this this stays illuminated you can dim it down, but this stays illuminated and you can see dims a couple different ways you can dim it way down. So, you learn something when you play with this stuff yeah. I can see my fresh gray and black water tanks and instead of it being you know one-third full two-thirds full full which is pretty vague at best it's down to percentage-wise and they're accurate within a couple percent which is good that's why they're bouncing back and forth between zero and and two right now they are empty as we speak.

I can switch over to AC power this tells me what type of power is coming into the coach right now we're actually we have two legs coming in from the Jenner they're higher than 23 122 volts, but we're only using about 20 amps right now because. I'm just the only thing running is the charger in some life. So, that's easy DC power tells me my battery is absorbed charging.

I'm up to 12 point 9 volts which is good batteries were pretty low on this when. I started this morning so. I wanted to run the generator to get some charge and going on it's telling me exactly what's going on.

I'm up to and. I'm charging at 135 amps right now and also your battery temperature that's kind of neat you know that would alert you, if something was getting really hot we have the gen set it's telling us that it is running even tells us how many rpms it's running out. I don't know why that's handy, but.

I like to know that stuff, but. I'm geeky like that. I can start and stop the generator from here as well as from on the dash as well as on the generator itself.

So, several different ways you can do that and this coach does have auto generator start auto generators start AGS, if you will that is a feature you can set up, if your coaches and storage, if the voltage drops low you can have it come on the generator will start itself run for three hours to to charge your batteries back up you can also set it to a certain temperature, if you're away from your coach and you can set it to hey, if it gets warmer than 72 degrees in here have the generator start up. So, the air conditioner can run. So, obviously these features aren't handy when you're plugged in at a campground necessarily, but certainly they're very handy, if you're camping in the Walmart parking lot for the night all right there's my water if.

I want to get a better view of what's going on there. I hit water and again you can see your fresh gray and black tanks you can also turn your water pump or your auto fill on from here climate control well that's an important one heating and cooling is controlled in here as well as the controls for the Oasis system which is the hydraulic system yeah Oh ASA system can either be fueled by the diesel burner or by two different legs of AC power, if you're plugged into 50 amp you can actually run that off two legs of AC power and be a pretty darn efficient system okay switch here this is our floor heat we have front which appears to be on. I don't think.

I need that on there we go and so. I wonder it's warming here Tony front rear and mid floor heat and the controls are in here. So, that's a little bit about the Silverleaf system itself there's clocks and special Diagnostics and you can configure the monitor and all that good stuff, but, if we get any further in that.

I'm going to get lost so. I will. I will certainly lose you and again no need for the water pump to be on.

So, there we go that's a that's a little bit about this coach. I hope you've enjoyed it and like. I said don't forget please ask for me any questions on the new arrow.

I will be glad to answer them my name is Chris Anderson. I'm with Mal comfort RV thank you for watching alright first of all. I've lost my microphone cut.

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Beautiful 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids MIBeautiful 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids MI

Beautiful 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids MIBeautiful 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids MI

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Luxury 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids MILuxury 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids MI

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Awesome 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids MIAwesome 2018 Newmar New Aire 3341 Class A Diesel Grand Rapids MI

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