21 perfect 2017 Travel Lite 800X Truck Camper Mocha Swirl

hi folks coming back of the product specialist here at American RV and beautiful grand rapids michigan today i'm going to talk to you at the 2017 keystone springdale 271 RL it's going to be a beautiful travel trailer has nice for your living area some seats are some chairs in the back we will get to that in just a moment let's go ahead and start on some of the outside features they've done some great things for 2017 one is right up front your power tongue jack obvious why we want this makes it a lot easier to connect and disconnect from your tow vehicle you don't have to manually crank it up and down just touch of a, button also it does have a light on there which makes a little bit easier to connect or disconnect at night behind that is 230 pound propane tanks with cover. I love that Springdale actually gives you 30 pound tanks a lot of manufacturers give you the big cover, but just 20 pound tanks.

So, having 60 pounds of propane ear disposal is great in colder weather right behind that it's going to be the tray for the battery and then diamond plating look how high this comes up again that's important because any kind of rocks are going to get thrown up by your tow vehicle aren't going to damage your front end they're just going to hit this diamond plating cuts come around to the side nice big pass to take a look in there very open big wide door here so, if you do have larger items that need to go in here you can certainly fit them they're also power stabilizer jacks on all four corners. So, you know that's again they have power tongue jack power stabilizers and a power awning. So, power everything on this coach just trying to make it as easy as possible touch of a, button here of course that rolls out same thing to go back in you take a look underneath the power awning you will notice there's an LED light strip that way you don't have to hang up your christmas lights and underneath that our two outside speakers that we can sit out here listen to music those are going to be controlled by our multimedia center inside however it is bluetooth capable there are two entrances into the coach from one right here which will lead you into the bedroom right next to the bathroom and then our main entrance will be right in the back one of the things.

I love about this coach the way they set it up is this right here they put the outside shower right here nice and convenient you don't have to walk to the off door side to use it this outside shower does have both hot and cold access also because the bathroom is right here the black tank flush valve is right there as well, if you're not familiar with that what that does instead of having to bring your hose into your bathroom put it down the toilet when you're done camping to wash out the black tank you're going to take the hose put it right in there as sprayers built in it'll go ahead and wash it out for you also underneath the big power awning not only do we have the LED lighting speakers, but you also have this right here which is an exterior TV mount. So, what you can do is a TV inside that whole arm actually pops off you can take it out and take it out here put it right there plug it in you have cable access that way you can just bring your TV in and out as you desire and you can have the outside TV underneath the awning cover exactly where you want it providing plenty of shade spread axle system that's important when it comes to toe ability it's going to help reduce a lot of the sway you have you know the further the wheels are apart the better. So, that again it's going to be advantageous it also has the correct track alignment system what that does for you is over time it's been shown that the axles will actually become misaligned the correct track system makes it nice and easy you can bring it in we can easily adjust those axles without having to cut and reweld them also this does have ez lube axles.

So, instead of having to constantly pack the bearings it has a greaser you can use. So, that again is going to be advantageous when it comes to maintenance side as. I mentioned this is the main entrance one of the things they did change for 2017.

I like is they went to aluminum steps everything that. I talked about the has these. I really really like them main reason they're not going to rust out on you over time your standard steps you know tend to rust to get kind of gross looking not the case here with the aluminum and they have the rubber strip so, if it's flat from morning dew or you know maybe a rain something like that you're not going to have to worry about slipping and falling because this is the main entrance they also give you the easy grab handle right here.

So, it's getting easy to climb on in this unit does come with the Arctic package. So, underneath is also going to be a fully enclosed in enclosed and heated underbelly which went in conjunction with the 60 pounds of propane really makes for a great unit in the colder season let's take a look at the back we'll start up with the roof line you can see that it has a domed roof which is nice that way any water anything's not going to sit on top it's naturally going to run to the sides and then it'll run to the front and back with your gutter system right here in the back beautiful rear picture window the reason i love this is, if you have a nice view maybe it's lakefront oceanside the chairs inside. I'll show you do spin around and you can you know sit out in rock and joy your morning coffee so.

I love to have that right there this is going to be the power cord and then spare tire with the cover hopefully never have to use a spare tire, but in the event that you do it is always really nice to have all right that's pretty much going to wrap it up for the outside let's go take a look at the beautiful interior welcome to the inside of the 2017 keystone springdale 271 RL let's go ahead and start off right in the back as soon as you walk in one of the things. I talked about on the outside to you'll notice is a huge rear picture window there which is awesome windows on the side as well. So, you can get a nice cross breeze coming through of course these the chairs that.

I also mentioned they're going to be swivel rocker. So, you can swivel these around enjoy the view or of course it right here watch the TV whatever you want, but you know going to be nice comfortable chairs and you have little end table right there in the middle one of the cool things. I like they've done right here's what they call the rapid camp system this was really neat it's going to be a little remote you can control several different things on here power awning your slides the lights the LED lights outside it's really just kind of neat because you can take that remote outside you can control your slides and your awning that way, if you are in a tight spot you can make sure you're not going to hit anything let's take a look over in a super slide you'll see this is going to be an extremely comfortable sofa this is a trifold sofa.

So, this is the most comfortable type of sleeping sofa in the RV industry, but every want to back a bar in your back or an air mattress deflating on you comfortable to sit on comfortable to sleep on that's why it's in here storage up top. So, you have great storage there same thing. I forgot to mention you do have storage above these chairs as well.

So, you know great storage all the way along the top really just utilizing the space LED lights throughout that's again it's a big deal because it's going to use a fraction of the energy that your standard incandescent bulbs use then right next to the couch is the dinette large dinette you can see there you have plenty of space this is really cool because this table actually does pull out. So, what you can do is you can actually take this whole table out move it in front of the couch you can drop it down and it'll act as a coffee table or you can go ahead and drop it down right here and this can become a bed for extra sleeping space where are the things. I like is they admit it nice easy access underneath the dinette you don't have to pull the cushion up and grab that way you just open these up and it gives you access to everything underneath it cushions there great windows again let in a ton of natural light right here is going to be the entertainment center.

So, you know like i mentioned that way you can sit there and watch TV, if you want 28 inch TV you can either watch it to dine at the couches chairs wherever you want to watch it right below that is the multimedia center this controls the speakers both inside and outside and it's a DVD player underneath that you have some great additional storage perfect for your DVD collection and next to that is the start of our kitchen. So, take a look at this huge pantry space look at that love the pantry space in here just massive which is awesome again more storage space up top sorry about that able to see that and head right below is the 7 cubic foot fridge and freezer stainless panels on there plenty of space there too for everything you need nice big crisper drawer on the body moving over a little further you can see more storage up top and just a ton of storage in this kitchen and galley area which is awesome microwave right there that's gonna be the weight on this unit 6980 pounds fully functional hood below with the light and a fan excellent countertop space look how big the countertops are you have great prep area they put a outlet right here which is perfect for your coffee maker. So, you have a place for it three burner at would cook top with the high output front burner and oven underneath which is perfect, if you need to bake anything Bank of four full extension drawers there and gotta love that you need a place to put silver everything else they give you that a little cutout right here which is a perfect spice rack and additional storage underneath great place for a trash can there again LED lights underneath the cupboards make it nice and bright window their high-rise pull out faucet makes it nice and easy to do dishes they have the sink top cover on here huge single bowl sink.

I like single bowl sinks because it allows you to put bigger dishes in there for use in residential cookware it tends to be bigger and. So, you can actually set it down flats not going to sit up on an angle like it would on a divided sink also this cover is cutting board quality. So, you can flip that over and use it as a cutting board cubby hole right there another drawer right there which is great one last thing as we move around to this side i want to show you right here you have a big drawer there as well as another spot right here slide room controls light controls are going to be there, if you look up to the ceiling one last thing of note you'll see this unit is going to have duct today see also surround sound you have one speaker back here and then one's going to be up front help get that whole experience all right it's going to wrap it up for the back half let's go take a look at the front half bathroom the 271 RL will have two entrances and exits one into the main living area and the other one into the bedroom let's take a look right down here you can see the flush lever toilet plenty of leg room all the way around neo-angle shower with the shower door enclosure you can see plenty of room there it's nice and big and open you have some excellent shelving hand wand skylight up tops lets in a lot of natural light and gives you additional head space right here is a mirrored medicine cabinet you can see you have great storage plug in right there for hair dryer anything else you need sink and additional storage and access underneath all right just come take a look at the bedroom the bedroom the 271 features a queen size bed you can see it does have storage underneath and it is strut assisted.

So, it's nice and easy to lift up as well as close on both sides let's take a look here big mirrored wardrobes you have great hanging space right there storage going all the way across the top as well right underneath is are going to be excellent shelves. I see you have plugins there too. So, whether you need to plug in a cell phone or CPAP machine you can easily do that and full extension drawers underneath right down here is a clothes hamper really cool nice and easy to go ahead and throw all your dirty clothes right in there very convenient extra feature they threw in on both sides there is going to be a window.

So, you can get a nice big cross breeze coming through here as well and you also have an additional vent up top, if you do want TV there is going to be a TV mounting location right here and your connections right up top there. So, you can go ahead and watch a show before bed all right folks that's pretty much going to wrap it up again this is the 2017 keystone springdale 271 RL it's a great couples coach fantastic layout the huge rear picture window with the swivel chairs you know what has the Arctic package. So, you can camp late into the season 60 pounds of propane power everything on here you have the remote system as well definitely one you want to come and take a look at, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to leave those in the section below or you can always give myself ian baker a call here at American RV and.

I'll be happy to answer that way as well, if you do have particular questions about the specs of the unit such as the length i encourage you to visit our website which is american RV calm and you should find all the answers you're looking for thanks again for watching i'm ian baker and i can't wait to see you on the road to freedom.