16 innovative 2016 Winnebago Solei 36 G Class A

hi folks mark door guaranty RV Jones City Oregon today we're going to tour our 29b he is one of my favorite RVs on a lot come on let's take a look alright we're inside the 29 ve this is a great coach has a lot of features that are exciting we've got the extra bed up above the motorized electronically goes up and down it's got a great floor plan which. I really like we got a sofa we have a dinette and one of the great features in the 29 Vee is it is a full wall slide another super idea here is great is that we have the cabinets are real nice we've got a galley easy access as you can see they sit a little low easy to access we have again we have the dinette system and one of the real cool features here is we have a mid mount in this living area makes it really comfortable to sit in and relax while you're on vacation we've got a great kitchen out here the galley area double sink lots of storage throughout the coach we got an oven the cooktop and a microwave we're going to move over here to the bathroom we got a lot of nice features in here we got plenty of countertop space storage and a nice shower another nice feature in the 20 V everything is centrally located easy to move as we talked about the bed earlier you can electronically move that up and down and out of the way super feature, if you're not going to use it just put it up out there you want to know what's there we're going to move over to the master it's just a great area for us it's got a nice headboard again which is a real nice feature in the RV's is we've got plenty of storage overhead storage as you can see this is a nice woodwork we've got plenty of cabinet unit for storage and traveling so, if you go in short term or long term you can really pack for the trip it's got a TV built-in with storage behind that as we go on back up here we're going to take a look at the outside of the coach and again one thing we look at with this full slide look at this space that you have here in the living quarters all this under 30 feet it's a great coach, if you're just getting started in the RV or, if you're considering downsizing let's go take a tour of outside hey folks were outside the 29 ve Sun star one thing you'll notice we got swinging doors on this week we also have a lot of storage this coach has us all the way through area here for extra storage extra cabinetry here you've got a barbecue that comes with the rig and as you'll see is your surprise, if we love about the outside of this RV it's got a total outside entertainment oversized TV as well as sound system for those days out on the park maybe your RV in your out off the grid doing some fishing while watch the ballgame on a Saturday great one of the big features.

I really like about this coach in has an outside kitchen how many of you ever been camping you got to pack it the barbecue or propane tanks all the stuff to outside kitchen this already has it here it's got a full functional seek cabinetry cutting board refrigerator really close storage that stuff will stay in there it closes down we've got a pantry over here off to the left and this is a cool feature this is like an ice chest with the drain. So, you're going to do appetizers put goods in there and it drains at the end of the day it's just a wonderful feature in the RV have an outside kitchen and entertainment set makes your trip by some sort has easy access to the roof got a full ladder here and as you can see here as we turn off to this side we do have the full slide on this 29 BP as we continue down we got plenty of storage really nice punctual work clean station in this easy access to get to everything to drain is it clean is to maintain again additional storage and this from the other side goes all the way over to the other side which gives you additional square footage of storage it's just a really nice youth RV and again it's all under 30 feet thank you for being here today. I'm Marc Nordic guaranty RV in Junction City give me a call or drop me an email you can do to help they can have a great day you.