22 innovative NEW 2018 Newmar Dutch Star 4362 Diesel

okay folks we're here to show you another 2018 Newmar this is the Dutch star that is brand-new for 2018 and it is gorgeous it's going to give my forty 369 a run for the money. I think.

I'm not ready to declare it my new favorite floor plan yet, but it's close it's very very nice. So, let's take a look around as always we'll start on the outside we'll give you a shot on the inside with the ship with the slides close show you the walkway and then we'll open it all up and do a detailed walkthrough on the inside as well. So, without further ado let's get started of course as you can see we've optioned in the Damier package down the side of the coach.

So, you see all the shininess we love the shininess the grilles got some wonderful chrome the side baggage doors the steps have some nice chrome this year you're going to love it, but. I'm going to start right here now this compartment not a whole lot to show here these are some chassis fuses this has to do with the Freightliner system they Newmar did option in some spare fuses this year they give you a little holder for them there and everything, but this is mostly chassis serviceability and quite frankly there really isn't a heck of a lot of need for that in most instances these Chafee's are extremely reliable there's a lot of things that can go wrong with an RV and you can have different problems, but the man the Freightliner chassis tied to a Cummins engine tied to an allison transmission folks it's going to go down the road keep good tires on this thing it'll get you where you're going let's look up front all right now this generator is running right now as you can probably hear, but it's not real loud the own end generators are notoriously quiet this is a 10k gen because it says have three roof air conditioners on it and. I always like to show this part because.

I think sometimes it just gets neglected and it turns into yeah it has a generator. So, 10k Onan Jen you can see we have fuel hookup here, if you need to inflate some tires or anything else or people hook up air hookup. I'm sorry air nozzle there that's a quick connect you can hook an airline into it air up your tires air up any of the beach toys whatever you prefer and then we also have there which is our hot water to generator.

So, that brings hot water from our oasis system up to our generator area so, if we want to wash our car or clean the bugs off our windshield we can do it with hot water instead of cold and. I think we can all agree that's a nice feature then on the 43 foot Dutch stars there's another feature your generator actually pulls out for accessibility you need to do any type of servicing change oil change air filter check fluids how easy is that to get to and that slides very very easily. So, easy access to the gen lastly back in there by the by the red spigot there you actually have your air horns as well instead of mounting those up on top of the rope which okay they look cool on top of the roof, but they don't add anything for aerodynamics they're exposed to the elements and we're poking a bunch of holes in the roof to screw them down which are opportunities for leaks later in life.

I think we can all agree much better spot and my god you can hear them down here. So, that's that's a little bit about this front compartment here you lock that into place there we go of course we have aluminum wheels on here these front tires are the 365 s those are the big boys use bigger tires up front because there's a lot of weight up here and there's only one set of tires in the back where you have six more tires all that weights a little bit more distributed, but the 365 s on the front end here are to make sure that we're well within specs as far as carrying capacities go. So, that's good fuel fill on either side of the coach.

So, you don't have to worry about when you're pulling into the pump which side you can access, if you can get to either side you're good frameless windows are of course standard this coach has the manual awnings which. I actually prefer now power awnings are nice listen the more power goodies you have the more fun it is. I guess in one sense, but it's more opportunities for little things to go wrong these are.

So, easy to operate you simply grab the hook hook that strap and hook it on that cleat right there it takes literally about three seconds to open that and it's manual and it will never go wrong and you've got a metal wrap around it. So, you're not, if you snag that tree branch something along those lines coming into the in or out of the campground you're not going to have to worry about it so, but try to avoid the tree branch this is a beautiful coach of course newmars full body paint masterpiece finish up front here we actually have our bank of eight house batteries this is an all electric coach. So, these are a pullout tray they're easy to access there's a little legend, if you will that tells you, if you ever had to replace batteries tells you exactly how to wire them back up these are 6 volt batteries instead of 12 it is a 12 volt system that just has to do with how we wire it together the 6 volt batteries actually lasts a little bit longer and they're a little slower to discharge.

So, those those are preferred and high end all electric coaches okay that's a big pass-through area there goes all the way through to the other side of course everything is very well finished and carpeted in Newmar the floors are the thickest in the industry that is a very very very well insulated basement anywhere there's water tanks there is heat pumped into that area whenever your OS system is running so. I always tell people you know you can never guarantee a customer that a coach could never freeze because technically it gets cold enough you know 30 below zero 40 below zero houses are freezing okay, but. I can promise you this the Newmar will be the last thing in the campground to freeze thickest walls thickest floor thickest roof most insulation two different types of insulation in the sidewalls thickest basement floors and very very well thought out you just don't typically have those type of problems with a with a Newmar product of any kind certainly not a Dutch star and and by the way, if you're really having freeze-up problems you're doing it wrong it's a Motorhome pointed towards the equator and drive there and and you won't have those problems down by the equator.

I promise you that okay let's keep moving oh by the way these compartments they have these little, buttons these light up it's hard to see the lights it's a really sunny day today, but at night these look really cool because it's all LED lights down there all right we have a pullout tray and this tray goes out either side look at that of course this is carpeted as well which makes it nice here your belongings are protected you can get to whatever you want even, if it's right in the middle you see this comes way out and it does come out both sides. So, we'll push that back in. So, from this compartment door that is our oasis system Oasis is hydronic heating hydronic heating is a closed-loop circulation system that heats your coach and heat your water there's no water heater on this coach it's separate from this there's no furnace that's separate from this this is like a little boiler room okay and our our boiler antifreeze circulates throughout the coach through little heat exchangers that are located throughout that's where we get our heat from in the coach and it comes back into this box right here in that boiler antifreeze gets heated now it can be heated with your diesel fuel it can be heated with electricity, but one way or another we heat that fluid and circulate throughout the coach and then there's a secondary loop in there that actually heats the water as it comes through.

So, it's on-demand hot water and you can have as much hot water as you want you want to take a 40-minute shower as long as you are hooked up to city water and your great tanks hooked up to sewer take a 40-minute shower and do a little laundry at the same time you can't do that on most coaches the Oasis system will allow you to do that. So, there you go move it on 50 feet 50 amp Shore power cord most Shore power cords are more in the 20 to 25 foot range and they're no fun to wrestle especially, if it's cold outside 15 F cords no fun at all on the power rewind reel you just hit the, button it retracts itself back in that's the kind of ease we're looking for moving on here we have our wet Bay this is definitely a heated compartment whenever that oasis system is running there is heat coming into this compartment because this is this is where a lot of the business happens we have of course our hose our fresh water hoses on a real two. So, it's easy to go back in there and more importantly it has its own place.

So, it's out of your way it's not dripping water on anything else. So, that's nice whole house water filtration system we have hot and cold water out here we have a black tank flush out here easy winterization through this little hose right here our knife valves are up in this heated compartment you know sometimes it's funny because they'll build a motor home and talk about the fact that heated their basement, but then they leave their sewer termination point and their knife valves exposed to the elements, if you can't get rid of the water you can't get more water in. So, again heated compartment this is a nice thick floor again like the rest of the Newmar basement that floor is like this thick there's spot to put paper towels out here.

So, we want to wipe up when we're done they make it easy for you next that's the exhaust system by the way for the Oh a system Oasis system back here we have our docking lights. So, you can make sure that the picnic table is not in your way when you're backing in and also we have a spot to put our sewer hose. So, this used to be a little dinky spot.

I didn't like it knew more improve this that's a nice big spot for a sewer hose even you're nicer sewer hoses will fit in there and. I always like to point out then they're not mingling with anything else we don't want our sewer hose doing any mingling all right we have our fill here for our de F tank on this side of the coach when ve F first came out a lot of times it was on the wrong side of the coach in places that did have it on the pump they had it on the pump for semi rigs and semi rigs everything fills on this side on the driver's side. So, big improvement there you can actually fill the de F from either side, but more importantly it's on this side which, if they have it on the pump this is besides you want.

So, that's good side radiator instead of a rear radiator on lesser coaches you're going to see the radiator in the rear when the radiators at the rear you have zero zip zilch as far as engine access goes with this when we get back there. I'll be able to show you a really nice engine access the other thing is they cool a little better when they're on the site you have your radiator down below and then they stack on top of that your oil cooler and your transmission cooler as opposed to stacking them front to back when you stack them front to back not everything gets good airflow when you stack them on top of one another they all get equal airflow which is good we have our emergency egress door and let's take a moment and we'll demonstrate that for you all right new for 2018 we have a new egress tour now last year we introduced the egress door and that was a great improvement over the egress windows where you jump out and land on your head obviously. I could make this jump here and.

I'd probably sprain an ankle, but. I probably wouldn't kill myself and that's a big improvement. So, that was a nice feature new mark came up with this year they wanted to take it one step farther there's just a simple tab here it's easy to pull this is just magnetic and that pulls out of the way second step pull this velcro right here and then this just flips down okay now.

I'm going to let it down slow, but in the event of emergency you can just let it go how slick is that nice handle here you could easily walk out here go right down the ladder they put a sticker on there it's not for repeated use. I read that after. I demonstrated one on a video so.

I'm not going to put my fat, butt up and down that ladder too many times it is made for you know emergency use and it felt very strong and very very stable when. I was on it it's not meant for everyday use, but certainly, if you ever needed to that's that's a great way in and out of this coach all right let's move on now of course on a 43-foot Newmar we do have a tag axle actually even, if this is a 40 foot dutch start would still have a tag axle on it, but on 43 you certainly get the tag and this is a steerable tag that's why the rear wheel kind of looks like front wheels steerable tag it's a passive steer system, if you're going below 20 miles an hour and you're going forwards these rear wheels will actually follow the coach around kind of like, if you pull the grocery cart backwards okay the the front wheels would just follow the cart this works in the same principle well that does a couple of things okay first of all it improves our turning radius okay it improves our turning radius because these tires aren't just scooting sideways on the pavement they're actually following also instead of our pivot point being here which would be the center of this wheel, if this was an on tag coach when you have a tag axle the center point moves back a little bit now, if it's not a steerable tag that center point becomes about here, if it's a steerable tag it comes back even further because the coach isn't fighting to bounce around the parking lot and scrub tire sideways. So, wonderful feature it's.

So, smooth and the best part about is its seamless as the driver all you just turn the wheel just just drive like you always would the passive steer does its own thing, if you drop the coach in Reverse or you go above 20 miles an hour the air system locks the passive steer in a straightforward configuration it's just like driving any other coach. So, like the best part about it you never have to touch it somebody ask me, if it's a steerable tag why do. I still need to have the tag dump up in the dashi area and the tag dump is what there's a, button you can manually dump part of the air out of the bags that support that tag axle a reason why you might want to do that is if.

I'm ever in a situation where there's loose ground loose ground of any kind whether you know. I'm camping somewhere it's some big rally and they've got us all out on these nice grassy fields and then it rains for three days straight now. I've my nice grassy field is a muddy swamp and.

I go to leave well this tire is actually driven by the rear differential. So, yeah that one's driven this one is it this one is a deadbeat it just kind of it's along for the ride, if you will so, if these tires start to slip and. I'm losing traction like.

I said on loose gravel mud whatever. I can dump the air out of this tag and that puts that much more weight back on my drive tires which are my dualies. So, that.

I can hopefully drive right out of the situation now you may think boy a big bus like that how often would you get it stuck. I've had one stuck twice. So, it happens in other scenarios and then you might think about.

I usually think about it right after. I get it stuck, but it can happen it's not as hard as you think thankfully neither time was was mine difficult to get out, but it does happen that is a reason why you still want the tag dump on there. So, all right moving on we'll go to the back of the coach here first things first 15,000 pounds of towing capacity.

So, you guys that might have a stacker trailer or something like that or a race trailer this coaches for you for any of you pulling a Jeep or you know a small car of any kind it's overkill, but better too much than not enough. So, that that's your tow hitch as. I mentioned when you have a side radiator you actually get great great engine access somebody need to change belt it's easy to do any of your fluids are.

So, easy to check there's. So, much room to move around back here you do this little plug hanging down people ask me what that is that's actually your block heater in the event that hey you've been you've been camped for a while and you're getting ready to leave the next day and the weather's turn cold on you you can actually plug this cut this little plug in right up there and that's going to turn your block heater on that makes your engine a little easier to start because your oil is going to be warmer and it's actually a lot less wear and tear on your engine as well. So, block heater is a nice feature not something you use very often, but it's there when you need it one-piece molded cap notice there's no ladder on the back of a dead star that star on up and the Newmar line does not have ladders folks it's just an aesthetics thing you know somebody asked me where the ladder listen.

I. I have mixed feelings on this first of all the coach is gorgeous it's gorgeous without a ladder on it ladders are kind of unsightly you know they're just not no matter even the nicest ladders they're still just kind of ugly when we get to this level we're really kind of going for that conversion bus that pray will bus that that type of look without having that type of price tag without spending two million bucks this does that same reason we do the Girard awnings on here instead of an awning that's bolted to the side of the coach which works just fine these these awnings are molded into the top cap and we'll get to that here shortly okay. So, that's reason for no no ladder on the back of them also when you take a look up there you can see your camera is nicely moulded up into that cap it's not just bolted on with a couple screws into the side of the cap this is a 450 horsepower Cummins engine that means you have twelve hundred and fifty foot-pounds of torque in a six-speed Allison transmission that'll get it done when you're going through the mountains you can go through with confidence that you know a gas these gas coaches it still make it up and down the mountains they're dealing with somewhere 400 to 450 foot-pounds of torque okay this is 1,200 fit and 50 foot-pounds of torque now this coach weighs more than those gas coaches, but it doesn't wait three times.

So, all right moving on back here we have our chassis batteries and our chassis disconnect we can see our new emissions filter down below there as well that does your particulate and your NOx gases all in one this year was to two filters in years past. So, this is where you would, if you're putting your coach in storage you can actually turn that off, if you're not plugged in you want to turn that off. So, that it actually saves your chassis batteries from discharging.

So, much here's the de F tank itself now we saw Phil Ford on the other side we can also fill for it on this side in the event that you need to. So, de F diesel exhaust fluid it's not a big deal we thought it was going to be we thought the sky was falling when we were going to have to convert all these motorhomes to go to go to that back in 2009 and 10 when that when they were talking about this and then it gets here and it really ends up to be much ado about nothing in the RV world now and, if you had a delivery truck and it was diesel to be a pain in the, butt you'd have to manually regenerate and that type of thing, but honestly on these motorhomes all these coaches want for their after treatment is to be driven every now and then for an hour at a time at 60 miles an hour plus that's all we ever do with these things is drive them at 60 miles an hour for an hour or two at a time or maybe three or four or five hours. So, the coaches regenerate themselves for particulate the the de f uses about a gallon for every 50 gallons of fuel most people fill this tank maybe twice a year.

So, it's just not a big deal questions about it you want particulars about the SCR system let me know and. I can answer those questions for you all right moving on flush-mount slide rooms. I almost forgot one of my favorite Newmar features the slides recessed back into the wall as opposed to just being a piece of plastic on there like everybody else uses the piece of plastic is going to catch wind when you're going down the road that causes wind noise it's going to catch dirt and water, if it's raining outside that can cause a leak when it's recessed back into the sidewall those things go away it's just a better way to do a slide system.

So, Newmark's done it that way forever now they've had this compartment be pegboard for years what's new for this year is they actually put the little trays in here as well which. I like that even better pegboard is nice, but. I got a toolbox to hold my tools, but all the little fluids and you know.

I need my can of wd-40 and. I got my my wax and you know my tire shine that. I'm going to put on there and all that stuff nice to have a little place to put it so.

I love that they put the little trays in here this year nice upgrade okay in this compartment we have a half tray this goes to the center of the coach and pulls out very very easily this is not a pass-through tray like that other one that we saw, but it's still nice to have you can see in there there's your wind sensor for your little awning that's above the door that's what's mounted right there with lights flashing at us we have our Dirt Devil right here this coach does of course have a central vac system in it that's where we would empty the bag for that there's outlets out here like a 110 outlet right here, if there's anything we want to plug in in these compartments you can do it. So, for instance. I'm thinking my cordless screw gun it might end up in this compartment and it's always plugged in and charged and ready to go now here's that pass-through tray we saw it from the other side now from this side you can see it a little better and we actually have some extra tiles there the little floor tiles those came out of the same box of tiles they used when they tiled this floor at the factory that way in the event that you ever drop a heavy pan on something or shatter a tile you've got a replacement for it let's get there for replacements there and it'll match perfectly it came from the same dial at same tile.

So, that's that's a good thing all right moving on to right here no tray in this one because we want the height this is a really tall compartment so, if you have taller items that are too tall to fit on top of that tray they actually fit in here very nicely and that's a deep pass-through compartment as well you can see let's get a shot in here you can see part of the chassis configuration that Newmar uses when they're when they're prepping this coach to handle the weight that it has this is called the starb platform where they use that 45 degree angle back towards the center. So, all the weights that is just pressing down presses down in towards the center that's a very very strong way to build a chassis that's very very rigid which of course it needs to be we can't have a whole lot of flex flex crack style flex does not improve our ride flex can call a sidewall problem. So, flex is bad the star chassis doesn't flex much.

So, that's a beautiful thing right here we have a TV built into our sidewall not just a TV it's a Sony TV it's not a nice pivot goes either direction locks in place with just magnets and we have the Bose solo 5 sound system underneath it nice little sound bar there we have all these inside and outside. So, you can actually sync to that, if you want to sync your phone to it through bluetooth listen to your favorite tunes from Pandora something like that you can do that or obviously watching TV DVD that can all come through there also alright and built into the side wall means we didn't lose storage space down below in order to accommodate that lastly we have our de Matic freezer or refrigerator this can be either one it's just a matter of which setting you put it on most of these you pull it out and right there it stops and then, if you open your slide room you can open your lid you know drop out right there that's not very convenient the new Marwin even, if our slide room is fully extended. I can still get into here which makes it very very nice.

I moving on we talked about dual fuel fill this is the other half of your fuel fill here so. I get that either side you can get to the pump on you're in good shape. I love the 50 year emblem you're looking at up there you know Newmar invented the slide room Newmar invented the flat floor slide room everybody in this industry is copied Newmar now used to you know they looked a little country.

So, for a long time they look like you know a little bit of a farmhouse with oak cabinets and blue carpet or tan carpet folks the design has just gotten. So, good they're the most they're still the best built coaches on the planet now they're the best looking also. So, anyway we're going into the inside in a minute before we do a couple more features on the outside we have our keyless entry here you can open this by punching in your private code you actually have a doorbell here as well people love that feature you're going to lock and unlock your coach lock and unlock your baggage doors those are all one quick lock which is nice you can do it here you can do it with a, button on the inside also there's also a key fob.

So, you don't have to go around and individually lock and unlock every compartment door and you don't even have to have your keys with you when you come back to your coach type in your code the coach unlocks and you're good to go chrome step new for this year just looks awesome of course we have backup and side cameras on this coach for safety sake and new for this year is actually our flagpole holder there's a little adapter that goes in here. So, your favorite flag can be flying high all right. I think we've covered most of the outside let's go inside and take a look all right one of the things people are constantly wanting to see is the slide rooms in.

I kind of we kind of accidentally did this in one of the videos and we've got like 20 comments on it to show them all with the slides in okay we hear you loud and clear. So, this one's for you all. I ask in request is that you press that like, button.

So, it's right below the video down here somewhere please press the like, button that helps us as a dealership, if you subscribe to us you'll you'll see every time we put a new video up. So, that's great and folks most of all thanks for thanks for watching the videos we're kind of stunned at how many views we've been getting on the 2018 product that's why we're back out here doing it, if we do a video and you know 13 people watch it overnight quite frankly. I'm not that motivated.

I should be, but. I'm not that motivated to get up the next day and get back out here and do another video we're getting thousands of hits a night and on these videos and that's wonderful so. I'm glad you're watching thank you.

So, much the. IO way when we're in now everybody likes all these slide rooms you know let's put two three five twelve slide outs on them and that's wonderful, but there's a price to be paid the price to be paid is when the slides are in the coaches are going to be a little tighter this one we put the little l-shaped sofa in which. I love that because we have the Euro dinette here and that's that's probably my favorite dinette a little snug right here.

I mean it's not hard to get through. I just you know those will go in one way here's going the other you know it's not bad and again. I'm not a small guy, but there's a little bit of tight there, if you did a regular sofa here you would have a little more room where you did the two chairs you might have a little more room.

I like this configuration though. So, it is what it is right here same thing, but again not bad it's not like. I'm really struggling getting into the rest room okay a little tight there, but again 225 pound guy.

I'm in and out. So, and by the way you can always open the slides you know that sometimes even will sell in fifth wheels and stuff yeah. I can't get the refrigerator or the slide out it open the slide.

I know there's a certain situations where that might be difficult, but for the most part, if we think about where we use these you're usually able to open the slides even, if hey. I'm going to push my slide out six inches and give myself a little more room that's doable as well. So, anyway and get in the refrigerator you're 101 out there.

I can get to the bed. I can lay on the bed. So, this one isn't the roomiest one we have with the slide then.

I'm not going to sugarcoat that for anybody, but it is still functional and that that's the important part here here. I love it with the slides out. So, now whether that balances in your mind that's up to you all right let's get the slides open okay we are inside of the 2018 Dutch star 43 62 model work backing up here give you a little bit of a wider angle view as if.

I'm not wide enough, but at any rate on this model we have a two sofas up front you could do the two recliner chairs up here, if you wanted to that's another way to do it and. I like. I like that as well, but this is the little l-shaped very comfortable sofa here both of these will make into bed.

So, you have some great sleeping options up front we do the Euro booth. I think the Euro booth is the most comfortable dinette there is. I know there's a lot of people out there that are against booths all.

I'm going to ask you is have an open mind and sit in one of these euro boots before you say. I don't want the boot early on in diesel pushers the booths they were using in these we're the same thing they were using in our travel trailers they build something out of two befores now probably not too before two-by-twos and plywood and then they put a foam cushion on it wrap it in fabric and they call it comfortable that's not furniture this is real furniture its sprung underneath it's comfortable when you sit down you feel that cushioning in there it's like. I said it's actually very very comfortable for those of us who worry about having a little bit too much up front here look at the spring.

I've got 810 inches here of clearance and. I'm very very comfortable Sydney and we get storage underneath these these open up okay and you get some great storage which of course as our veers we never get enough storage another new feature and. I hadn't seen this before, but this dinette actually, if you snap your fingers twice there's some magic here so.

I'm just going to and look what happens we get our dinette it actually expands scoops there we go yeah it's out of calibration that's our extendable dinette for the uro dinette which is really sharp for this year hope you like that let's move on alright the woodwork that we see in here is the new woodwork this year for Newmar this is the bermuda glazed maple and this is the high gloss all of the new Mar woods have the option of a matte finish or high gloss. So, this you can kind of see all the way through got the beautiful high gloss cabinets the interior on this coach is called sea pearl and the exterior is called cobblestone. So, as you are looking through your new mark coaches those are those are the specs on this particular one as.

I said these both make into beds this is a Haida bed with an air mattress in it this particular one is a jackknife sofa here they're both very comfortable now of course we do have the televator and the televator switch has been moved this year so. I hit the, button here and look what happens over here also not new for this year, but we do have the power shade package the MCD power shade package on here you have day shades and night shades and you press a, button or two on here the whole coach gets dark or privacy however you want to look at it in the bedroom there right up above, if you're laying in bed there there right up above you there where you can touch them you can darken your bedroom or, if it's morning time it's time to get the day started hit a, button and the shades go up. So, very very nice of course multiplex lighting throughout.

So, if. I want to turn on some more lights here. I just hit a couple of, buttons and look at the way that lightens up lights up lightens that's not that's not good now one of the things.

I love for this year. I've been mentioning in all the videos is this cabinet has improved. So, much we actually have no Sony Theater system up here anymore which allowed us to make this smaller to make this area smaller by making it smaller it's not a head knocker anymore it always was now in order to pull that off we went to this Bose sound system nice little sound bar same one we have on the outside that's called a solo 5 sound system and that got rid of the all the surround sound speakers in the ceiling this sounds tremendous and made this cabinet smaller.

So, that's a win all of our couch controls are up here whether it be our tank monitoring system opening and closing awnings is in here controlling our oasis system our burners for that our inverter our OTO generators start this is our energy management system here tells us what kind of power is coming into the coach different Lighting's block heater all of that is in this one compartment right here satellite dish as well. So, when you when you're wondering hey where do. I go to turn this on or off it's probably in this cabinet right here they've moved it it used to be over here by moving it here number one they can put this front TV a little off-center which makes it better viewing from either the dinette or the main sofa, but also when you're over here you're standing over the step well.

So, you had to have your step cover out in order to be comfortable working in the cabinet over here. So, there's a lot of a lot of little improvements just by changing one electronic that came there now of course driver passenger seats do rotate up front in the dash area here will point out a couple things new for 2018 we've moved some USB ports over here to the drivers side we've always had some for the passenger now there on the driver's side there's always little things to charge. So, that's good we have two cupholders here's our HWH fully automatic leveling system you simply hit Auto level it dumps the air and levels the coach a power window this window right here the drivers window that's a little thing, but you'd be surprised it's not found in coaches under about four hundred thousand dollars it's crazy it's been during fifty thousand dollars and you got a manual slider window there it's real pain in the, butt when you're paying tolls you get up to the dutch-style level that's actually a power window which which makes things very very nice here's our tag dump switch here now.

I mentioned on the outside a scenario where you might use that other than that. I leave it in automatic mode it when you drop the coach in reverse it does automatically dump some air out of that tag. So, you're taking some weight off and not scrub and tire.

So, hard, but you couldn't manually dump the tag, if you, if you need to power mirrors heated mirrors our headlight controls are over here. So, that's nice of course we have smart wheel here for our wiper controls cruise control that type of thing we never have to take our hands off the wheel all of our controls as far as our front shades are movable pedals there are adjustable pedals on this our visors up front our generator start is up here we can control the door lock from right here in the center - control as well this is our side and rear cameras on this screen this is our sony system with our JBL speakers great sound in stereo system that is of course bluetooth as well this is our comfort drive control there's a separate video on our site hopefully it's linked on each and every one of our diesels that just talks about comfort drive. So, that that's a little too long to get into now we have to keep these videos under 45 minutes.

I can't post them everywhere we want to post them. So, moving on we've got some lighting in our fascia here this year that's been changed that is gorgeous. I love what they did.

I thought and some of the previous years. I almost thought it was too much lighting it's just supposed to be a little bit on the. So, that's nice oh one new thing for 18 when they release your parking brake to go release the parking brake drop it and drive not only there's your door lock which has done that for years all your compartment doors lock as well which.

I think that's a great safety feature. So, there we go kitchen storage we're going to do this quickly because. I know.

I'm running along on video here. So, pull new for this year you can't see the hardware anymore they hid the slides. So, that's wonderful we do pull out drawers here everybody wants to see all the storage in the kitchen.

So, let me get to that trash cans ooh for this year still have a pullout down here as well so. I let the cameraman get in there and get our good shots five drawers to pullouts plus a trash can pull out that's good at my kitchen storage love this floorplan still think 43 69 is my favorite, but this might take over second place there's a lot of neat things all right euro dinette we've talked about clocks new for 2018 we have the full size 22 cubic foot Whirlpool refrigerator freezer this is the door freezer there is an icemaker in here. I forgot to mention that somebody caught me on it and water filter when.

I think about the videos if. I forget anything somebody will ask the question new for 2018 we have LED lighting as a standard feature in here. So, as you open the door you're all lit up and these are close pull out and they're adjustable moving back into the bedroom of course oh one thing we did how do.

I miss this more floor there's no carpet this is new Mars exclusive more floor system where even the slide outs have tile on them. So, how can. I forget that yeah rookie move king-size bed to the Sleep Number in it that does lift up in there storage under there, but who's got time for that stuff let's show some wardrobe there's two of these one on the other side of this television six drawers down below there are outlets on either side of the bed that have both - 110 outlets in it and USBs so.

I want those at home those are cool all right walking back into here one thing kind of seems missing normally when you walk into your bathroom there's a step up there's no step. So, that's wonderful this is where this floor plan gets drastically different than the 43 69 our bathroom is different now we did away with one of the sinks we reversed them shower was here since we're here in the 43 69. So, this is reversed and we lost one of the things that's right that's all right we gained some stuff - you still have a nice under Mountain quarry on sink lots of counter space nice cabinet above with a power plug in.

I love the power plug in there just remodel the bathroom and really wish. I'd have thought of that huge shower this probably is close to as big as the one in the 43 69 that is a huge shower with a seat of course there's a pocket door coming into the bedroom there's a pocket door here. So, you can close all of this up and then we step back into the walk-in closet how about that you can see wonderful storage here.

I'm thinking linen closet type storage, but. I always tell people, if you buy it. I don't care what you put they can put whatever you want with a shoe a shoe cubby in the back stackable washer and dryer and nope because it's in the closet those cumbersome doors aren't there.

I love that because you had the door going this way then you have the washer door going this way too many doors all right and then there's more wardrobe over here there's wardrobe up here there's a safe there's an air conditioner vent right above my head feels great for the tot outside there's a small step up coming into this closet, but, but that's it. So, folks gorgeous coach. I love the new forty 362 floorplan definitely one of my favorites.

I think you will as well don't forget to ask for me don't forget to click like and. I think that's about it thanks for watching my name is Chris Anderson. I'm with Mal comfort RV.

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