17 innovative 2017 Jayco Eagle 5W 355MBQS Walkthrough

this is John coming at you from Tarrytown RV in Grand Rapids Michigan a beautiful sunny morning today. I wanted to show you a 2017 Jayco Eagle fifth wheel it is a 355 m bqs as you can see for 2017 these do have a different look it's called the Silver Eagle look with a matching in front plate and new graphics as well here's an older Jayco Eagle in 2016 right next door.

I'm just. So, you can see that this one is more beige more tan and the new one is kind of this neat silver color okay. So, this 355 m bqs sleeps 10 it has 4 slides it's 39 feet 8 inches long it has a bunkhouse and it also has a loft above the bunkhouse you can fit even more people it has these frameless uv-protected windows it has a long power awning with LED light built in it has quite a bit of storage capacity here's a storage compartment in the front.

I'll show you the pass-through storage and for 2017 they kind of redid these pass-through storage compartments they now have a rubberized diamond plate it's going to be easy to clean things aren't going to slip all over the place there's part of the aluminum frame as well going to go around to the other side to show you that this also has this particular one has four stabilizer jacks and also the remote control will show you inside that you can control those with as well as the power awning lights and slides here's the control for that it's very easy just hit a few, buttons it does all the work for you all right there are some of your utility things hot water heater these are those slides Oh two of the slides at least another slide in the bedroom here all right let's step inside this unit oh. I also want to show you that there are some propane holding tanks in the front as well there's another one on the other side soon it also has an exterior kitchen as powder coated waterproof surfaces two burner range small outdoor refrigerator large aluminum steps and they're very sturdy all right let's step inside this 34 355 m bqs all right we step inside you're going to know this to notice this would look vinyl flooring it's very textured very sturdy the Eagle is kind of on the introductory end of Jacob's luxury 5th wheels as. I'm talking on this kind of zoom around the room.

So, you can get a general look of the whole place, but and that's below the north point in the designer technically the HT which is are the Eagles that can be hauled by a half-ton pickup or a half-ton vehicle are the introductory line, but these are a true luxury 5th wheel and they're very nice and you can even tell in the quality of the wood floor all right this particular unit has meadow decor here's as soon as you enter the unit via this very nice and wide door to the left you'll see a dinette this does turn into a bed and underneath the dinette are these convenient storage drawer doors. So, you don't have to lift up the seat every time you want to get in and they come standard for 2017 with these bins underneath the dinette you're going to notice the SHA stain resistant carpet stain in soil resistant for camping we have dirty feet, but also another great feature for 2017 is this eco fiber touch padding which they've added to this carpet and as you can see by this little sign that helps decrease exterior noise it resists moisture and it also adds some insulation value for the floor. So, that is a pretty cool new feature right here are the recliners which are also redesigned for 2017 Jago build those right in the house.

So, this is all american-made furniture all right. I just want to take time to show you these new light fixtures and also these large windows in the slide-out draw uv-protected and they all come with these pull down shades very easy to pull down very durable alright here's the couch and this is going to be. I believe a trifold that folds into a bed large window in the back storage with shadow glass above that to the right we have the entertainment center which comes with now with a 48 inch HDTV for 2017 there's your fireplace with the faux stone around it here's some more the smoked glass and this is your fury on multimedia DVD USB am/fm accepts Bluetooth this is also going to allow you to control your speaker's inside and outside speakers which are peppered along the ceiling is one of them here runs will show you the ceiling fan we're up here and there's also going to be some speakers in the bedroom as well and.

So, right next to this entertainment center you have a nice pantry that also has that smoked glass front light automatically turns on we open the door and this is very large pantry space and it also has those. I don't know what they're called that as these. So, you can adjust the size of these shelves.

So, you can you know situate the pantry however you see fit okay and as all stainless steel appliances stainless steel microwave range hood and oven plenty of drawers here this is all Amish built cabinetry because it's Jayco and you can you can feel the build construction and the sturdiness of these drawers and they really are the best in terms of how easily and smoothly they pull in and out large drawer underneath the oven for pots and pans and things large refrigerator which are all open up you get an idea for how big it is obviously this is going to be a gas electric refrigerator to the right of the refrigerator there's this there's this note that you can pull up a chair and do some work here or just use it for extra countertop space keep papers there whatever storage space beneath that another great thing for 2017 is this bourbon choc it backing here it's contrasting to the other wood they did that on purpose it's a very sharp look it's also behind you the appliances there and the kitchen island also has that bourbon chocolate glaze on it which is very sharp as well as corian countertops which is it new for 2017 as well doable stay in the sink pull out faucet all right beneath the island you have a trash can there's plenty of room down there for another one, if you want to have recycling space beneath the bowl the shelf more space another drawer here and this is a feature which i think is awesome right at the entryway here they have this bench. So, you can sit down take your shoes off they also have the hooks for your coats, but you can lift that up you can keep your shoes in there which. I think it is they're an awesome feature also.

I want to show you this meadow they core a little bit closer this is the the meadow decor graphic there and then. I'll zoom in a little bit on the texture of this fabric you can see it okay. I just want to also show you that almost every light in here is connected to a light switch.

So, when you come in it's really easy to just turn everything on and off your control panel is also going to be featured as soon as you walk in. So, you can easily access and see everything and it's behind this smoked glass. So, it's not like it's you know a big ugly eyesore there's also a remote for this unit which.

I mentioned earlier and this remote allows you to control the leveling system the lights the slides and the power awning all from the convenience of a remote okay. So, this door is going to lead into the bunkhouse which has these gamers cube chairs as well as a mattress up above that has this teddy bear plush material on it built-in entertainment center or desk depending and some storage space they also have this wood trim on the ceiling which i think is a really awesome touch alright. So, we step out of there.

I'm going to show you the loft as we walk up the stairs features more of this would look vinyl there's a ladder pull out step up and see that there are two twin twin bunks with the teddy bear denver mattresses side-by-side there's a window up here they're separate light control an air duct all right is there step away from that bunk area we're going to move to the bathroom which now has a panel door for 2017 as well stick your finger in hit the latch pull it open great space saver a really good luxury feature porcelain foot flush toilet linen cupboards that are very deep hooks for towels glass door tall shower with the faucet that it's on the ground now, but you can obviously move it around it's not fixed there's your skylight power fan bathroom near vanity which is an LED light around it or actually that's a medicine cabinet and your vanity is beneath that and the vanity has plenty of storage for toilet paper or toiletries it's also a true backsplash in the bathroom all right to get into the back bedroom we're going to this solid door it's a great sound barrier more sha stain-resistant carpeting here's the bed which now Simmons mattresses come standard for 2016 there were denver mattresses there's a skylight in the back bedroom as well there is a wardrobe that's very big and also cupboard space in here which is gigantic there is ample ample room for clothes and goods and things show you this large wardrobe shove off a shelf up above more storage compartments there's actually more another search compartment there another storage compartment on the left side blue partner LED lights. So, you're not necessarily just serving your partner, if you both want to read Windows. I need the other side of the beds you can get a breeze passing through another large window here at the foot of the bed and a built-in cabinet as, if you didn't have enough room here for your clothes already, but that's how it goes and just like in your house and RV you really can't have enough all right there's also a large UV protected window and the hallway here with some sideways blinds it's very cool feature wood trim along the ceiling also the ceilings in here are incredibly tall especially in this main living area.

I would have to jump to touch the ceiling. I don't know how tall they actually are, but they're incredibly cavernous yeah so. I'm just going to zoom around once more on this 355 m bqs Jayco Eagle fifth wheel and get one last look.

I'm John from Tarrytown RV in Grand Rapids don't be afraid to give us a call or come on down, if you want to look at any of these of course this unit comes with Jago is awesome two-year warranty just like all their other units and that's really just where Jacob acts it's amazing the build quality yeah, if you'd like to talk to any one of our specialists here they'd love to help you yeah thanks give Tarrytown RV a call today. So, we can put our buying power and experience service to work for you we look forward to earning your business Tarrytown RV don't forget to like comment and subscribe to our YouTube page to stay updated on new content our facebook link and websites are located in the descriptions below Tarrytown RV.

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