21 elegant NEW 2018 Newmar Ventana 4369 Diesel

hi folks my favorite time of year this is when the new models come out every year you know you you get the 17 then and you think man they're. So, much better than the 16 was it look at all the stuff they brought and then they could never do any better than this for 18 well guess what the 2018 s are here from Newmar and they're even better so.

I'm going to it's my pleasure to take you around and show you the new features involved here. I think you're going to like them we've got my favorite coach the 43 69 floor plan this one's on a Ventana so. I really love showing these anyway.

I think you're going to like a lot of the new pictures don't forget the number-one rule the videos don't forget to ask for me when you call email or stop by Mount comfort RV. So, without further ado let's take a look we'll go around this side first right and really didn't change much now of course this is all reflective and mirrored when once we get it all ready to go for you right now those are protective. So, we're going to leave those on there.

So, that they don't they don't get anything on them we do have a clear coat Diamond shield it's very difficult you know see that flame that's there one of the few places you can tell it has it, but this entire plant has a mask that protects for bugs and rock chips and that type of thing beautiful masterpiece finish the coach has a little bit of dust on it indeed just arrived well my watch me is. So, busy right now we're in the middle some right in that time unit for watching forgive the dust, but take a look you smarty muslin graphics package on the outside this is also Muslim decor on the end side we have a 2018 Ben Tana 43 69 with muslin interior and exterior we did change some things especially on the interior. So, this is not just a hunter one we change some colors around that.

I think and. I think the life of the Leveson. So, as we go through it let's take a look at some compartments okay in here now this is more of a serviceability compartment here these are your get my shadow away these are the freight liner few systems in here.

So, these are chassis fuses and that type of thing here's our first new feature this year they added this little panel right here and its sole purpose is to give you extra fuses sometimes you know you, if you blow a fuse you might not have a 7.5 amp fuse hanging around your coach now you do. So, nice little spare fuse holder there that's a new feature for 2018 our job they're aluminum wheels obviously standard on the Ventana fuel bill from either side. I love this new feature right up here and that anymore has been doing this for 50 years they invented things like you know the slide-out pullout battery traders this is an all-electric coach.

So, this is an eight battery system those do pull out the serviceability those are eight six volt batteries any questions on pull out batteries and six volt versus 12 volt that type of thing please do not hesitate to give me a call we did option in a tray in this compartment now this is the one that is actually goes out both sides we're on the driver side of the coach right now, but this also goes out the door side of the cup moving on set some compartment doors here this is a big pass-through spot now all of these have LED lights in them they come on when you open the doors that's difficult to see where early in the morning here at Mount Comfort RV and it's very very sunshiny beautiful day, but that does cast some shadows so. I apologize this is the Oasis system the Oasis system is your hydronic heating system this coach does not have a traditional water heater and furnace system it actually has a much better system than that this is a closed-loop system that circulates what we call a boiler antifreeze throughout the coach in order to heat the coach and also also in order to heat the tanks in your in your waterline areas in cold weather conditions, but that just also gives you unlimited hot water. So, it's always nice to be able to, if you're hooked up to grey water in city water you can take a 45-minute shower in an RV, if you want to and have nice hot water through the whole thing that's that's not the norm for our being we have a 15 amp 50 foot short power cord.

So, nice part about this one is it's on an auto rewind wheel reel you just pull it out walk walk with it and pull it out to to extend it and then when you're done even, if it's cold weather and you don't feel like wrestling a cord you just hit a, button and it will retract that right back in. So, that's always nice over here this is our wet Bay in our wet band we have everything we need for winterization for dumping our tanks for hooking up water a whole house water filtration system we have hot and cold water access out here and hot and cold water access is nice, if you need to rinse out that sewer hose or even, if you got a little dog and he needs a bath well you can do it out here instead of in there that's nice this is a hose reel just like our shore power cord reel that is on an auto retracts. So, just hit a, button and it pulls it back in this is a heated compartment whenever you hydronic heating is on this area is getting heat into here as well.

So, you don't have to worry about tanks freezing with Newmar we always talk about the thickness of the baggage doors that's that's not surpassed by anybody in our industry and the thickness of these floors right here you know people use floors that are this thick and talk about they're well insulated coaches yeah well insulated this thick plastic pack these floors they're this thick and they're full of insulation it's going to make a difference when you get into cold weather temperatures, but it also makes a difference when you're going down the road knowing that you've got the thickest floors thickest walls Lincoln's basement floor and thickest growth in our industry that makes this Coach quieter that makes this coach easier to heat and cool than anybody else's coach out there don't believe me. I'm taking for a drive come see for yourself how quiet it is we sit right on the interstate and on the inside of these coaches you don't hear the interstate. So, that's that's nice in the campground.

I didn't bring my team with me rookie mistake this is actually a little compartment just where we stores our sewer hose. So, it has its own compartment. So, it's not mingling with anything else and that's always a good thing come back here we have a de F tank diesel exhaust fluid these have to do with the after treatment of the engine any engine since 2010 have these any diesel engines rather and that's where you fill that tank yet it doesn't use much diesel exhaust fluid people make much ado about nothing when it comes to this diesel exhaust fluid in an RV application actually uses about a gallon of diesel exhaust fluid for 50 gallons of fuel.

So, most people end up filling that tank maybe twice a year it's just not a big expense or concern foil any questions on the after treatments on the diesel exhaust fluid please give me a call we'll talk about that at length most diesel coaches don't make this a storage compartment because we're back here next to the engine. So, you open these doors and they're open to the engine well being open to the engine doesn't really do us much good this is you know for maybe a foot deep here 10 inch or something like that and it would be wasted space did not have this and with our viewers of buy an RV of this ilk they're going to want every every square inch of storage they can get. So, that's what new bonds going to give you while we're over here we have something interesting here what the heck is this new mark came out with this last year an actual what we call an egress door most RVs they have a window about the size of that one right there and, if in the event of emergency you couldn't get out the front door well you can climb headfirst out the window and.

I'm five foot spins they got about seven foot drop headfirst that's not good new mark came out with this it was a much better design because at least, if the door doesn't open from the outside and at least hey you can jump out and yeah you might sprain your ankle or something like that, but kind of brings me to my second new feature for 2018 let's take a look at the store a little closer okay well this doors changed a little first of all we added a window to it and the window does open. I'm sorry how to window the window did not open now in the event of an emergency it wouldn't be that difficult to jump down there, but, if we don't want to do that we just pull this a little velcro right here yes. I could just take the ladder down instead of falling out on my head or spraining an ankle this is the type of innovation bar does this clue be copied this other companies will have this in a couple of years.

I'm sure, but understand this the company of the things about your safety first and so. I love this. I like the egress tour a year ago, but it was a long jump still better going out on your head, but now you can safely climb right down the ladder a nice handle here new feature for 2018 okay don't forget with the new Marv as well this is actually still a steerable tag axle on there when you turn the wheel you're going below 20 miles an hour you're going forward you crank the wheel on this instead of kicking your tag axle like all the other coaches doing scooting those tires and scrubbing those tires sideways across the pavement which tears up pavement which isn't good on tires the at the tag axle actually turns like a grocery cart wheel to follow the coach around now that does two things number one it takes away that scrubbing of the tires across the parking lot, but the other thing it does is it actually tightens up the turning radius on a tag axle coach this coach will turn around in a much tighter circle than what you would ever anticipate and much tighter than other tag axle coaches without a steerable tag.

So, you'll like that around in the back this coach is a 400 horsepower Cummins engine. So, it's big boy diesel 15,000 pounds of towing as well again these are all beer louvers once this coach's purchase will peel all those often it will shine and look good this does have a rear radiator on this coach nice rear cap with a molded-in backup camera and we did option in the fiberglass roof on this coach as well fully walkable roof obviously that type of thing 400 horsepower 1250 foot-pounds of torque that's the big difference you know people people notice sometimes that will hack the gas coaches are over 300 horsepower. So, you know 400 most cars not that much more well that's true, but the gas coaches are about 420 foot-pounds of torque this is 1250 foot-pounds of torque.

So, 3 times more torque is what climbs mountains torque is what pulls cooking your car up the mountain or, if you've got a race trail or something along those lines that's where you'll really see the difference. So, ok let's take a look at the compartments here another new feature for 2018 to talk about, if we looked at a 2017 model in this compartment you would see two of these big canisters these are again this is your after treatment in 2007 they came out with some new emissions that went after the particulate that all that black soot stuff and then in 2010 they came out with a canister that went on top of that that went after the the NOx gasses okay this combines them together it's all in one well when you can combine them all into one it gives us a little more space in these compartments this is a little broader here these are your your chassis batteries this is your chassis disconnect, if you put your coach into storage you can shut this off worry about it. So, that is a new feature for 2018 the after treatment it is all in one canister alright most coaches they don't even have a door here this door opens this is access behind this panel to our water tanks fresh gray and black, but also new bar gave you the extra storage you can put pegs in here and obviously have a place to hang some tools we always talk about the Newmark slide rooms they actually recep's back into the side wall okay it's not just a piece of plastic hiding the fact that they're slide rooms don't quite fit or Hageman these actually do fit right and they're recessed back in that's less chance for wind noise that's less chance for obviously a leak here's a half tray.

So, we have a we showed you on the other side we had the pass-through tray this is actually a half tray this is optional, but we we optioned it in on this coach come forward into this compartment this is your big pass through we didn't want to put a tray in here because his trays are great in one sense which also lose a little bit of height for sports or taller items would go in this compartment we did option in the sony tv it built into the exterior side well it's nice to get it up here or you're not losing down lower storage compartments in order to do a TV okay this is on a big magnetic swing arm. So, you kinda do it whatever angle and new for 2018 they have a Bose sound bar we're going to talk more about those when we get on the inside here's that pass-through tray and then up here we have another tall sports compartment no tray in here this is just a nice big storage compartment you'll fill from either side like we talked about and the last new feature. I want to talk about on the outside right here well in the world is that thing well what this is it's a new optional holder for a flagpole you're going to the campground to see everybody's got their flags up hopefully the American flag up and that you can now get a little flag holders it goes in there hold your flag nice and neat built into the side of the coach.

So, you're not screwing something into the side of your coach later. I think we all agree we'd rather have Newmar doing make sure the bracings back in their foot then have to do something like that later all right. I know you're getting tired of waiting what we really want to see is the inside of the coach let's go take a look ok one thing we like to do.

I know we kind of Tony and. I were just talking about it we kind of did this almost by accident once and then people jumped on line and said keep doing this. So, we like to show them before we open them all up we'll show you the coach with the slides in.

So, you can see your walkway this is the proper way in my mind to travel with a 43 69 floorplan when you have the two chairs options you simply turn the chairs sideways because, if they're facing this way they actually encroach up quite a bit here now. I've got plenty of room to walk right up and down this aisle if. I want to get to my refrigerator and certainly get in here and obviously the other place we want to get the bathroom.

I can certainly get through here. So, this is the 43 69 with the chairs option then with the slides closed this is how you would go down the road. So, very functional you know it's always funny because we all want more and more slide outs we want them as big as possible once we get there the negative side to that is when you start squeezing from both sides it does tighten things up a little bit some floor plans are affected more than others this is excellent pretty nice ok let's get this opened up and show you hi folks Chris Anderson Mount Comfort RV we are inside of a tooth then 18 Ventana 43 69 all right you can kind of get a new get a look around all the new features in here we're certainly a little more ornate on our woodwork this is the cherry that we've optioned in which is it which is about 2,300 dollar upgrade to the cherry they've taken and put some lighting back in here it lit last year, but it was a little plainer certainly it's a little more ornate this year a good look.

I think it's a little more subtle lighting too which is nice, but they changed one of the biggest things that never always asked dealers a you know what can we improve upon that type of thing and one of them. I've been kind of hitting on repeatedly and. I knew why they weren't changing it, but they had to figure out something a little better they finally did was this cabinet right up here this cabinet has been a head knocker for years with Newmar and it's funny because.

I was just in the habit. I would always want to customers getting ready to drive or sit in the driver's seat. I would always stand here.

I put my hand on this corner. So, that because that corner actually stuck out to about here and. I would don't hit your head don't hit your head don't hit your head and those of you who might have a 2016-17 Newmar you know exactly what.

I'm talking about, but the reason that this was a difficult change for them to make was what was in this cabinet this has always been that the sony home theater system which they don't use some little dinky no-name brand radio that you've never heard of they actually used a sony 5.1 home theater system and that was a big unit. So, took a big cabinet to put it in. So, it was a tricky thing well this year i follow me on this one we're going over here we're going over here we're going look right here okay we went to both it's a bose sound bar.

So, once again they're staying with the name brand number one moses is absolutely a phenomenal system this sounds good we had it on earlier it sounds absolutely wonderful and it allowed them to take this cabinet and just shrink it back a little bit which obviously makes it not the head knocker when you're in and out of the driver's seat. So, that's new feature for 2018 and right away when. I open this cab.

I saw another new feature for 2018 look at this guy okay it lights up its new ma what does this thing do let's touch that screen takes us right over to our gauges. So, instead of fresh gray black being like 1/3 full two-thirds full something along those lines it's actually digital percentage-wise you can see exactly where you're at on your holding tanks also on your chassis and your house batteries it's telling us where we're at there this is touchscreen we can turn on our tank heat top off our tanks that type of thing turn on your water pump all of that can be done right here. So, neat features and this is new from Newmark they've also put this stuff here that used to be over here in this cabinet okay this is a little easier to get to you're not standing in the doorway when you're want to turn on your satellite we want to open your awning or your Oh either you're over the door awning over or your main awning when you want to get your inverter control it's all in here and it's like.

I said you're not in the doorway to do it this is your control for your Oasis system that's the the heating and water heating system that this coach uses that we showed you on the outside this is your actual inverter control and auto generator start you can set the generator to come on, if your coach battery's dropped to a certain level or, if you're coach reaches a certain temperature and it needs to come on the generator needs to start. So, that your air conditioners will run you can set all that up in this panel right here security light then they move the exterior step switch into here as well so. I think they put one by the door if.

I'm not mistaken also which is also a good thing. So, big things here nice changes. I love this change for the new market it took away the head knocker now before where the camera goes too far away.

I'll bring them back in we got another new feature right up front for Ventana this year those are suspended gas and brake pedal as opposed to the truck style pedals that they've had in the past in that you'll see on less expensive diesels those are a little hard in fact. I've actually lost sales before because those were hard to reach, if somebody was really short you have somebody like five feet tall those truck style pedals were really hard to reach these are nice they're in a much more automotive feel to them and they're in a much more automotive friendly place so. I think you'll like those everything else up here.

I think is pretty much the same they did redesign the dash a little bit as far as colors and Tremmel goes, but nothing crazy we still have our phone charger here, if your phone is capable of doing wireless charging you can just drop it right there we've got extra USB ports on the dash for charging goodies. So, nice features there all right this Brown is not the normal Brown that comes with the muslin interior we special ordered this end we like this growl to believe it's out and that stuff. I'm not mistaken we thought it looked really good nice contrast with the with the liner interior here all right, if we look over here we're going to see some changes particularly right there there's your DVD player that was normally located up in that overhead head knocker cabinet it's now moved down here which is centrally located to the television which of course was on the televised extremely which is nice and this is new for 2018 you get these little they're like little conduits a little chase, if you will to run cabling through they're easy to fish wires through there and of course that keeps you from having the giant bird's nest that.

I have behind my television now another new feature. I noticed in here. I went to put the TV up and the, buttons always here hmm.

I had to think about where Newmar might put that yeah how about right here makes much more sense to have it back here than over there. So, there's our television TV kind of one of those things you love the televator, but no nobody had thought of putting the switch in a better spot. So, somebody finally came up with a good idea there.

So, many of these features when you see changes like that. I don't know that that's the case in in this instance, but. So, many of these features come from the fact that numeral do special orders and it may have very well been a customer the special order of Ventana or that start something last year that said hey you know you can put the switch over here for me that's a change Newmar what.

I made and then after they made okay that makes a lot of sense. So, sometimes being the company that will do some special orders and stuff for people pays off because you know two heads are better than one. So, somebody else comes up with a great idea Newmar may very well incorporated down the road all right another new 2018 feature everybody loves to pull out kitchen okay.

So, we have a little release right here it had one negative feature to it and. I think a lot of people saw is when you open it up you had these big metal rails that it wrote on on the side they're gone they're not on that side and on this side they're magically gone. I think anymore.

I put them up underneath, but. I. I honestly don't know where they're at, but it works very very smoothly and it certainly looks.

So, much better. So, a nice nice feature there well we got the camera panning down a little bit let's look at our new tile we've got a little bits of metal in there that look nice and a little individual tiles those look great that's new for this year gorgeous gorgeous floor better the new feature. I can't really show you right now, but.

I can tell you about it for 2018 you'll like this one and this is one of those things is like you know why doesn't everybody do that when you take your coaching you're getting ready to go somewhere and you drop it and drive and you release that brake that air brake on here your baggage doors lock all the way around. So, it's one of those little things that it's like that makes all the sense of the world wonderful safety feature so. I can't say enough good things about that all right look at our backsplash that's new for 2018 beautiful sofa like.

So, we optioned in these colors out of a Dutch star this does make into a bed this couch will comfortably sleep for people let's take a look at how this bed works simply lift here and this is going to pull straight out like this as. I pulled out these legs came down automatically it's not difficult to do and then you take the backrest here and it folds down that's how easy the soap is to make now this is better than a height of it for two reasons that one's more comfortable it's got a much better support system underneath it then that metal bar that breaks in half number two it doesn't come out as far this way. So, even with the bed open.

I can walk through here and still have my island get in out of coach this is a self inflating air mattress. So, it's built it. So, nice set up here with the sofa when you're done this simply stands back up okay.

So, far way like this the only key here is to make sure when this folds a little, if you get it all the way down in there this way before foot down that way sometimes. I'll come in and that it'll kind of be the seat deck will be kind of running downhill a little bit that's because they didn't push it all the way down in there it's not difficult it doesn't take a lot of muscle to do, but, but it is something that there's a little bit of a technique to it all right we option the same with the two chairs we saw these when. I was doing the televator switch this is my favorite way to do it because most of the time the people that buy this coach it's just two people usually a husband or a wife and and they want to go see the world, but at night they might want to sit down and have an icy cold beverage and watch TV watch a movie this is a perfect setup for it this is with your nice Bose sound bar and the televator nice setup here we option this end with the freestanding dinette actually the buffet doing that this table just pull out and our two folding chairs.

So, this as well we have storage down on both sides of this they call this the computer buffet you can actually stick cords down through there and put a printer down it and down there as well. So, for those of you looking to stay connected you can do that new for 2018 and a lot of the Newmar products is the new clock good-looking clock we talked about this as a residential setup. So, our kitchen appliances are very residential as well all electric this this has the water on the door nice Whirlpool refrigerator and then we'll talk about ahead and show you the cooktop of course it's a recessed cook cup and this will be recessed induction cooktop and you can actually pull that out of there, if you want to take it outside and plug it in.

So, that's a sharp feature for us thanks the turn looky here stainless steel double bowl sink no. I get in trouble with these videos and if. I don't show especially kitchen storage.

So, let's get these open lots of drawers lots of cabinets and then under the sink here this flips down nice little place to keep the SOS ad we have a trash can this year and even little spaces that would otherwise go unused come on find a way to put a little drawer in there keep your flashlight there your big cutting knives whatever you want alright well what's up to 43 69 floor plan. I think that the televator option up front is obviously one of them another one is the pantry huge huge pants these are pull out these are adjustable in height. So, you can adjust for cereal boxes or soup cans either one of course this is a bath and a half floor plan.

So, our half bath is here here's our bath we use going down the road nice vessel sink in there we are equipped with a central back system in this coach as well. I love this setup because you can either hook up attachments here and it does come with the attachments or my favorite features, if you're kind of sweeping this floor you don't have to bend over this is like a power dustpan you simply click this on with your foot sweep it right in click it off. I didn't even have to bend over that's my kind of laziness.

I like that back into the bedroom the other thing that sells at 43 69 is actual storage we have two nice wardrobes here okay on either side that's pretty good storage and that would be comparable to what a lot of diesel pushers have, but then also put it back here real quick we have that entire closet and we'll get there in addition to these two wardrobes you have the entire back end as a nice wardrobe closet as well. So, lots of clothes storage now Kame bed with a Sleep Number of course this coach has three roof air conditioners with heat pumps on it the heat pumps are nice because it's above 40 degrees you don't have to run your other your other heating system you can actually heat off the electricity which when you're in the campground, if you can use the campground electricity as opposed to your fuel all the better the final change. I can think of for 2018 and.

I'm sure this summit. I think we hit the highlights the 43 69. I was sold because it had a huge shower it was like 40 by 32 inches it's now 50 by 34 inches it's even bigger that is the biggest shower.

I have ever seen in a Motorhome ridiculously large. I love it and because they made this bathroom area a little bigger they were able to put a washer dryer here as opposed to putting it in your back closet that is a new washer another 2018 feature sorry to wash it your washing machine that's a different model this year see whirlpool for details Jack and Jill sinks vanities on either side and the entire closet is available to you because it doesn't have a washer dryer in it because they moved it elsewhere which is just a great plan we even have a safe down in there all right well. I apologize for the length of this video you should try to keep them a little shorter, but honestly with when the new models come out.

I'm going to take my time. I want to show you everything don't forget to ask for me my name is Chris Anderson. I'm with mount comfort RV call me with any questions.

I look forward to speaking again next one.

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