22 excellent The Auto Trail V Line 610

following the successful introduction of Auto Trails v-line 600 comes this new 610 model with a rear lounge now on the outside it looks much the same with the privacy windows all along the side getting a nice automotive look to the side of the vehicle now this one's also got the optional alloy wheels and chrome bars and the LED running lights, but on the top is the familiar v-line trademark feature, if you like the extra high roof which neatly incorporates the awning down the side of the vehicle as well as a hundred watt solar panel on the top at the back of this V line 610 you get a different look to the 600 model which which retains the original Fiat twin van doors now this is much more of a leisure vehicle look with the one-piece window and they've beautifully integrated boot panel which is linked to the central locking open up the boot and in here you've got your mains Li and, if you go for the starter pack there's leveling wedges and a tripod base for the table. So, you can use that outside these little wet area shelves nice and practical for boots weddings that sort of thing and you've got an external shower.

So, you can hose u-boats down before you put them away underneath here on each side in their own storage bags you get these not rather nice deck chairs to be 610 is effectively a bit of a reverse of the 600 in that you get the lounge at the back and the kitchen and bathroom move further forward now in the cab you get these nice automotive style fabrics and, if you go for the media pack this screen automatically gives you a review of you oft when you select reverse gear you don't get the skyline sunroof in this model because it doesn't really fit with the washroom position and, but the table stores unobtrusively there behind the driver's seat now moving back the washroom does still include a separate shower and the kitchen once once you lift the worktop lives you've got this trademark v-line touch of the glass work top which incorporates the two burner hob and then the stainless steel sink the other trademark v-line touch of course is the slide-out draw style fridge here which includes a separate area for your bottles somewhere to keep that shadley nice and chilled and that's underneath the double door wardrobe there's a very upmarket and quite automotive feel to the back of this V line 610 all these nice moldings around the windows and of course pleated blinds which a nice market touch plenty of space to unwind and, if you want a a coffee you can extend this draw and flip over work top. So, light meals would be fine here too although there's there's a larger table on the conventional floor mounted socket as well at night you can either use these as two single beds for just taking the back rests away or this latter base pulls out to make a transverse double with the media pack the TV moves from above the windscreen to above the the offside sette there, but it's the feeling that this is a comfortable relaxing place to be that sums up this feline 16 you.