NEW 2018 Newmar Canyon Star 3710

hi folks Chris Anderson with mount comfort RV we're continuing our theme of getting the 2018 Newmar products online and well videoed in very quick fashion. So, by the way thank you guys 1,500 views on one of the videos we just shot yesterday.

I probably didn't even go up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon and get up this morning. I had 1500 views on it lots of good comments thank you you said you liked the longer videos. So, we'll be a little more detailed there we go let's get started this is the king of cards that we have newmars top-end gas model this of course will be both on the 26,000 gross vehicle weight rating chassis as well from 4,000 m-53 chassis this is the 3710 model.

So, that's a 2018 canyon star 3710 that's what we're doing graphics the the masterpiece finish here this is actually the xcalibur paint scheme love it absolutely love this some sometimes. I think we get a little too much Browns and Rams and tans and stuff like that me personally. I know a lot of people love those and that's great as long as.

I keep selling bulky makeup, but. I love the grays and the blacks or the silvers and kind of a hint the blue may be in there it looks like a little bit maybe was just a grayish blue or maybe. I'm colorblind don't know, but.

I like to paint job. I know that graph ara up top you look here we have our of course of the power awning, but it's also the Dometic with the metal wrap around it that protects you as you're going through the campground little sticks sticking out for the trees aren't going to care that that awning same thing on the slide topper that's that's actually protecting your slide topper as well of course Newmar this slide is recessed back into the wall you don't have that leading edge sitting there that's going to catch wind rain water noise all that stuff this is something that is just it goes through the entire Newmar line from based our sport to King here this is how they do it recessed back into the wall it's just a better fit for your slide room and less issues let's take a look at some of the features we have on this of course starting up front we have aluminum rims all the way around are out koa aluminum rims twenty two and a half inch tires. So, you have a big tire on this just like you have on your diesel pushers new for 2018 that is our flagpole holder your little adapter fits right in there and your flag pole mounts from there you don't have to make special arrangements with zip ties and bricks or whatever screws into your coach to hang your flag out you can do it very very easily we do have two chrome mirrors on here side cameras as well and there is a clear it's hard to see on the videos.

I know there's a clear film that goes all the way around the front it starts right here. I know that's hard to see on the video. I apologize, but this film goes all the way across the front of it to protect against bugs and rock chips.

So, that's good they also put it in smart places like right here that clear film is there as well. So, when you walk up with your keys jingling in your hand you're not going to scratch up your door it'll protect you there as well ten gallon gas electric water heater that will give you a little bit longer shower than a six gallon. So, that's good start taking a look here for some storage we see we've got our converter and inverter there, but this is also a deep that storage goes way back in there.

So, that's always good for our TV option mounted in the side wall and set it down below where it's going to use up a lot of your exterior storage or at the very least be in the way sony tv mounted up high it's on a swivel you just pull it out and tilt it whatever direction you want it to go when you're done it snows away the magnets hold it in place you do have a little Bluetooth outdoor receiver here it'll get the radio signal you've got USB you can do here as well you can charge your goodies out here. So, that's nice alright moving on storage now these compartments are lit. So, there's a little light you can't see it's very sunny today, but there's a little light in there.

So, at night you would be able to see what you're doing in there you don't have to have a flashlight in the crook of your neck and for a gas coach this coach has excellent excellent stories that goes all the way through that the pass through here's our freshwater tank and this is whenever you're running your furnace this compartment does get some heat into it as well to keep things from freezing all right more storage here you can see your tanks are mounted below the floor they're not hiding under the bed or something they're actually mounted below the floor that gives your coach a little better center of gravity you've got controls down below this tank those are for your awning with the wind sensor on it the controls for that are down there you also have in a few different places on the outside here you've got 110 outlet so, if there's anything you want to plug in either for your basement or you want to charge your cellphone out here and plug in that way you can certainly do that more storage and look how let's hope well everything is finished off there side swing baggage doors are not the doors that lift up like this when they lift up like you know vertically they they're always in your way you're banging your head on and you can't get out of the way they're in the way of the slide room. So, these are very well finished this is an automotive bulb seal here and it's not glued on it's not an adhesive there's actually a metal piece of steel in there spring steel that actually pushes that onto there. So, it can't come off and you know.

So, many times you'll see walk by a coach and they'll be a piece of the door seal laying on the ground because the adhesive failed there's no adhesive that's actually kind of crimped around the ends of that on there it's just a better way of doing things all right and get a shot in there more pasta storage back there coming on the back we have a 5,000 pound hitch on here we have a camera that is molded up into the top right into the cap instead of bolted on the back your coach this is a one-piece fiberglass cap nice radius curves all the way around it just looks good these are mirrors kind of Chrome when we get ready to deliver this coastal customer we're going to peel these off and it really shines this coach looks like going down the road this coach absolutely looks like a diesel going down the road that's what they kind of. I think had in mind when they designed it that way, but these look great when they're mirrored we just got here yesterday we have not had a chance to peel these off yet all right moving on here's our 50 amp floor power cord and one of the spots where you can terminate your black tank here. So, you can come right off of there to dump your black tank your knife valve your feet mouth there's actually in the protected area.

So, it's not out exposed to the elements we optioned up to the 7000 kW generator 7000 5500 is enough of this culture no question about that you could run everything on this goes on for 5500, but when you step up to 7000 you actually gain Headroom you're just not don't have to think about what order to turn things on or anything like that 7000 is just going to be a better a better fit for a coach of this ilk our fuel fill is on this side and then we have a separate little compartment down here where we store the sewer hose that's nice just because you don't want your sewer hose mingling with other things aluminum these are all little horse stepping up here's our wet bay now in our wet bay we have hot and cold water out here. So, we can rinse off or hose the dog down, if he goes you get them something we do have a whole house this is a residential water filtration system every drop of water that comes through this coach goes through there. So, you're all protected there this is the heated compartment and then you've got your other spot for termination when you have these baths and a half floor plans you sometimes need two different points in or two different block tanks.

So, you have to have two different places to dump them. So, that's what that's for there this is your second termination point board for dumping your grain black all right moving forward again side swing doors you can see that hose lay in there that hoses for winterization purposes that will actually suck the RV antifreeze straight out of the bottle which is a lot nicer than. I remember the way we used to have to do it back in the day headed up about 7 gallons 8 gallons of RV antifreeze into the freshwater tank and circulated that way that took a lot more fluid and a lot more effort it was never easy dumping the fluid into dang.

So, this is just. So, much easy, if you winterize this coach with three or four gallons of RV in Tabriz and and do a pretty darn equipment. So, that's good shut these this is not you can feel pull out battery tray that's a very diesel like feature we have for house batteries for 12-volt.

Interstate Batteries they're on a pullout tray. So, you can get to them check the water levels that type of thing you don't see pull out trip trays on gas coaches you know they usually most of the gas coaches in the industry have one or two house batteries and they hide them up front where, if you were going to even change the battery you'd have to get them out through the bottom that's no fun this is just a much better setup and last, but not least we have propane alright coming back around front get a good shot of the front end here. I want to point out some of these are starting to peel off here this is that protective film this is all mirrored on the front as well all right without further ado.

I know you want to see the inside of this coach we're going to run inside real quick and show you what it looks like going down the road with the slides in and then we'll open it all up come on okay we are inside of our 2018 canyon star 3710 slides are in right now this is exactly how we would go down the road so. I want to show you the space we've got a good foot and a hand in probably 14 inches or. So, here to walk through no tight points whatsoever the only one you get to and take it right here it gets a little snug going through there.

So, it's now hard squeeze or anything again. I'm not a. I'm not a small guy so.

I come in about 220 225. So, if. I can get through there most people are certainly not going to have any issues nice wide open to the bathroom area here for the half bath obviously the refrigerator is very easy to get to even the washer dryer cabinet here not that.

I think a lot of people going to be doing laundry going down the road, but you could get in it sometimes people don't do the washer/dryer option they may have that as a closet and then you might want to get in they're going down the road. So, you can see my aisle way here nice wide open floor plan let's get her opened up and we'll we'll show you the coach all expand okay the 2018 Canyon star 37 10 we are inside by the way don't forget to ask for me that's number one rule videos moving on from that let's take a look this a bath and a half floor plan bath and house are all the rage right now obviously, but this one has a few surprises in it new wood this is called the Calypso would package new wood color they did away with empire maple and we get this trend drop this just looks a little more moderate. I think in power maple was getting a little dated so.

I'm kind of glad to see that go and something even better replace it. So, that that's good we start at the front we'll work our way back okay as. I've mentioned in another video or two they finally fix this cabinet this cabinet was too big it has a huge sony home theater system we love the sony home theater system, but it was just.

So, big that made this cabinet stick out this was a definite head knocker. So, now there's plenty of room in here your DVD players in there blu-ray player rather there's plenty of room in here for, if you choose to do some sort of satellite system your satellite receivers can go in here or anything else you want to put in here, but they were able to scale this cabinet back a little bit and make it much more open feeling up in the cockpit area and it's not a head knocker gauges - nice storage cabinets here as well oops cans hand out of the camera alright of course we have JBL speakers they're located up there. So, this is a good sounding sound system we do have a Sony stereo system built into the dash with Bluetooth your controls over here for the drivers left you're going to have of course heated mirrors up the little red, button available always one.

So, with a little red, button does a little red, button that's actually your mirror for your Heat which hopefully you're not using that very often because you know, if you're using your heated mirror feature you're not in the right climate take this thing and point it towards the equator and keep driving we do have a fully automatic leveling system here as well. So, you know basically to level your coach you what you pull in leave the engine run and pull into your campsite set the parking brake hit power hit Auto level and just sit back and the coach will level itself completely to drink holders up here for the driver. So, one for bourbon in beer.

I mean you know coffee and tea and then on the passenger side over here you got a nice cup holder there as well big flat dash area which is always nice it's always nice to have a place to set things while you're up here, if you have iPhone you can do iPhone navigation outputs too right here and that will actually show on your screen there's your microphone for your Bluetooth nice little workstation here so, if we will put your laptop your tablet up you can and then it's all sorts and we'll get out of the way. So, you can hopefully get a shot of this there are all sorts of plugins down here we have USB s we have 110 we have 12 volt all down here where the passenger can get to them. So, whatever devices you have with you you can you can certainly power them up very small hump for the engine in here it's not intrusive at all you know they done a good job of minimizing that.

I remember back in the day there were these huge humps that you had to climb up and over and when you stood up on your head would hit the ceiling because they were. So, tall, but not the case anymore they actually made this is pretty nice alright we'll move into the kitchen area everybody wants to see the kitchen storage. So, without further ado let's start opening cabinets and drawers alright serious kitchen storage one two three seven drawers in this coachin.

So, that's nice beautiful chorion as always made right there at an mr and then you have the nice backsplash they do that themselves as well try to come loose somebody's up now double bowl stainless steel sink your plus it is a pulldown sprayer as well. So, that's nice all your shades in this coach you do have the MCD style shades in here. So, this is your your blackout shade, but there's also, if you want to just use a screen you can do that as well.

So, during the day you can have those down and you can kind of still see what's going on outside, but people can't see in and then at night you want your full privacy obviously soon to pull that down thirty inch residential convection microwave three burner cooktop covered by corey audits under mounted residential refrigerator. So, this coach does have an inverter just dedicated for the refrigerator. So, going down the road people worry about these because they go longer runoff propane and i'm telling you it's nothing to worry about you could go for 18 24 hours just off of batteries, if you had no other input to charge the batteries now when you're driving down the road your batteries are charging when your generators running your batteries are charging when you're plugged in at a campground your batteries are charging.

So, you know all of those things keep the batteries juiced up which keeps your inverter doing what it's supposed to do inverting and hit your refrigerator powered up. So, you don't have to worry about this doesn't run off propane the truth is a lot more reliable than appropriate refrigerators ever work and people love the extra space of the residential refrigerator exists it's a bigger refrigerator on the on the propane basins i'm fit in the same hole you put a gallon milk in there and you're pretty much done then you would fill it up ok move on to pantry love the pantry got to pull out adjustable shelves you can change the height those these are easy pull all the way up. I kind of want these at home because whenever you want always a put back in the pantry, if it is easy to get to in this case all right let's move on to furnishings a little bit we have a booth dinette with a dream dinette feature which means it very easily pushes down it's just on a little hydraulic strut no poles to pull out.

So, this does make into a bed one adults who kids something like that can sleep there and then we have the coolest new exclusive to Newmar feature for 2018, if you haven't seen this on my other video you're going to love it okay. So, here's our here's our sofa we're going to remove the three cushions did. I mention this is exclusive within your month they helped develop this with flex seal and instead of having a tie to bed which is extremely uncomfortable picking off of us check that out.

I'm getting better at first time. I was a little turkey jerky it's actually not hard to do it's just different than nobody's ever seen anything like it. So, all right put that 30 second.

I'm all set up we have bunk beds twin size boot beds adults can sleep here this is the top bunk will hold 300 pounds bottom bunk will hold whoever Oh so, if you've got a couple they could sleep here you can still do a regular hide-a-bed option, if you want to, but they're just not that comfortable, but we have grandkids or something like this you can stack them separately, if you got a boy and a girl and you didn't lose anything to gain some wonderful sleeping when we go to these bunk bed models you know you put some full-time bunks in the middle of the coach it kind of screws up the rest of the floor plan on a lot of cases and that's just not the case here this is just a nice sofa it's comfortable to sit on it's comfortable to sleep on and you saw how fast it converted so. I love this feature and it's exclusive all right when you're when you're sitting or laying on the sofa you've got a nice entertainment center here because we did away with the Sony system they actually went to something even better they went to a Bose this is called the solo 5. I believe is the model on that, if you want to look that up, but the bow solo 5 sound bar system it is bluetooth compatible as well so, if you want to play your Pandora and listen to it through your Bose system that's easy enough to do you have a fireplace they can put out heat or just put out the ambience whatever you prefer there and this is sitting at a nice angle directly to the sofa towards the booth even the driver's seat turned 180 degrees you would have great viewing.

So, from practically anywhere in this coach you've got a really nice viewing angle. I mentioned earlier the half-bath easy to get to going down road, but it's also as soon as. I walked in it was much bigger than.

I anticipated you've got good swords behind the toilets there, but this is not a no, if it comes through on the video that well, but this is not a cramped bathroom there's actually pretty roomy little half bath now this closet has many options one of which is the stackable washer/dryer which is what we have here these are whirlpools of new model washer for Whirlpool this year which is good, if you wanted to do it all in one unit you could do that, if you wanted to do no washer and dryer and just have hanging above and below you could do that. So, very versatile closet space here there's no wrong way to do this some people could live without the washer dryer other people would prefer to have the storage space like. I said no wrong answers just you have all the options when we walk back here we see a king bed and a 37 foot five and a half usually your coaches that are 37 foot something like that there they're not going to have a king bed and a bath and a half they're going to be a queen.

So, Newmar did a good job of getting the king in here and still, if it's still walk around bed Tony's on one side. I'm on the other neither one of us are cramped there are plugins on both sides of the bed they're down on the bed pedestal themselves you have Cory on little nightstands Cory on top two little nightstands on both sides lighting above the bed your windows do open. So, you can get a cross Breeze in there and we have two nice wardrobe closets wardrobes which we're posits is kind of about it on either side of the bed as well as six drawers below Sony TV in here with a blu-ray player up in the top shelf here there's storage under the bed on many more models as well okay then we come back into our bathroom suite our master bath this is a very large shower one of the bigger ones you're going to see in an RV application low step into there as well.

I know that's important to a lot of people you don't have a huge step up good counter space around the sink nice and our medicine camera runner and then more storage over here. I love having a linen closet and an RV bathroom because he usually don't usually cram in your towels underneath the cabinet underneath the bed and a basket somewhere actually have a really nice linen closet that's a big text okay one thing. I always try to talk about with the new Marr models is they're second to none when it comes to how well the box itself is built these are the thickest floors the thickest walls the thickest roofs in our industry they have more insulation in them than anybody else is using this is not salesmanship, if you come here.

I will like to measure the thickness of the walls and compare it to anybody else out there other roof for the floor doesn't matter when you feel that when you. I always have customer stand inside the dorm. So, figure inside of a finger outside to fill the thickness of the wall it's just significantly different that matters when you're in the campground you don't want to hear your neighbors your neighbors don't want to hear you you want this coach to be easy to heat and easy to cool and it is you you want going down the road your coach to be a very very quiet coach and it is it's significantly quieter than other brands.

I know that any sales person can say that and. I get that, if you come in we will take you for a test drive and you will see it right away right now we're sitting right on an interstate and you know here you think we've covered most of it. I hope you like this this this coach it's a beautiful bath and a half floor plans kind of bath and a half with bunk beds, if you want.

So, that's a really cool feature my name is Chris Henderson thank you for watching.

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