NEW 2018 Newmar Ventana 3709 Diesel

again folks Chris Anderson with Mount comfort RV another 2018 just rolled in we're getting up like hotcakes now so. I got to get the new information out there.

I know you want to see the videos this will be a detailed video. So, this won't be some quick five minute hitter. I'm probably not the guy for those stuff videos let's let's take a good thorough look at this new for 2018 this is a new option this isn't standard this is an option for a flagpole holder there's a little adapter that goes in there your flagpole sticks right out of there you don't have to have a separate stand of sometimes people some kind of your flag and you're not tethering it to your ladder or something that's nice all the new Mars with the masterpiece finish on them they do have this clear film on the front end okay this clear film protects against bugs and rock chips you can't really see it on there sometimes it doesn't come out very well on the camera and.

I apologize for that, but trust me it's there and you can see it when you're in person side cameras backup cameras obviously standard features also chrome packaged mirrors have been optioned in on on this coach on the Ventana we can also option in the keyless entry. So, you can type in your code here and unlock your door or lock your door or lock or unlock all of your baggage doors at once. I love that feature and you can also you've got a little doorbell there how could you live life without a doorbell in an RV.

So, we've got that new feature for 2018 also when you take this coach he hit drive and you release the parking brake it actually locks all your baggage doors automatically that's a really sweet feature so. I love that as with all new Mars you have your flush mount slide system this slide actually fits back into the wall as opposed to going over it and that just makes leakage and era noise. So, much less of a possibility.

I love this 50 years 50 years of building RVs up in Nappanee. Indiana that's a beautiful thing they know what they're doing they visit a few little things you might have heard of such as the slide-out or the flat floor slide-out. So, they're pretty good at doing what they do think it's safe to say everybody in the industry is copied them fuel bill on either side you don't have to think about when you pull into the fuel station which side is the fuel fill on, if there's an open diesel pump you can get to it.

So, that's a wonderful thing they're aluminum wheels these aren't hubcaps they go tink tink tink when you knock on those are actually aluminum wheels. I've not only the aluminum wheels look better there they're also a lot safer believe it or not they run cooler these time we do have tire problems it's usually due to age and or heat aluminum dissipates heat better than a steel wheel does. So, it's actually a little safer set up there, but mostly they look good.

So, we like that we optioned in the Sony television built into the sidewall this is on a pivoting arm this is just a magnet holds it in place you pull straight out. I can go forwards. I can go backwards.

I can lock it in place just by pushing it back let the magnets do their job and new for this year we got a Bose sound bar out here as well. So, not only we're going to be watching some TV we're going to be listening to it pretty nicely out here as well and this is bluetooth capable so, if you want to just sync it to your phone and listen to your favorite tunes off your phone you can do that let's check out some of the storage ops now this is a 3709 model 2018 Ventana 3709 not everybody wants a 43-foot. I tend to gravitate towards more towards the big coaches, but.

I know there's a lot of you out there that just don't want to wrestle with the 43 Oh turn and tag axle this is your baby this is made for you because it still has all the high-end features that you get on the 43 footer, but it's in a much smaller package. So, many of them RV manufacturers out there when they start going smaller they start going cheaper they keep it up the interior they keep it up the exterior that's not the case here this is still a real diesel pushers still the same trim levels any other vent on it just a little shorter package let's look at the storage, but it does have pretty darn good forage for 37 foot coach notice you have big pastures this is a raised rail chassis most coaches that are under 40 feet long 36 38 feet long coaches their straight rail chatzi's and the difference is you don't get that huge pass-through in a straight rail chassis this is still the same raised rail platform from freight liner that they're big 43 footers are built on it just doesn't happen to be 43 feet long and have a tag axle behind here you're holding tanks and knew more didn't want to just waste that compartment. So, they actually put the pegboard there and you can hang your tools there, if you need to get your tanks for any reason for serviceability there's about 10 screws you pull out and you can get there more storage here and then there's some chassis access back here these are your chassis batteries this is your chassis disconnected you put your coach in storage you can kind of put it to sleep by shutting that off new for this year this single canister down here this is part of the after treatment from comments part of the ambition that used to be to canisters about that sized one did the NOx gases and the other did the soot they've now condensed them into one single canister that does both which just gives us a little more space back here to be creative and put more things in in the future for Newmar.

So, nice when when Freightliner and Cummins can condense things down a little bit it gives us better possibilities there we pan up a little bit we have a very interesting door there and that door there now handle out looks like we forgot the handle we forgot the steps what no world we'll be thinking there no it's you purchase the exit door instead of jumping out on your head through a window like most of the other manufacturers are going to have you do you know actually gave you a nice safe option to get out of the coach in the event of an emergency there we go now. I'm going to go to the inside real quick so. I can demonstrate this store one moment okay.

So, they did put a handle on it's just on the inside that's pretty slick now where most companies like. I said they want you to jump out on here on your head Newmar last year came up with this door and obviously it's not a great scenario to have to jump from right here. I'm about six feet the air, but.

I'd rather do that and go out another two feet higher headfirst. So, this was a nice improvement to our RV industry when they came out with this, but everything is constantly in motion things can always be improved upon. So, this year they actually put a window in that open that was a nice improvement, but that's not why we're up here why we're up here just to show you this there's a little magnetic panel here this just pulls up really.

I've got a piece of velcro right here then this flips over and look at that now nobody else has this to marvel this thing. So, this is a new Marx cluesive and if. I needed to get out of this Coach house look at that this is telescopes back in go throws up back on and it never happened one of our competitors out there.

I've noticed has a door that is a single you store it's like an air bag in a car once you use it you have to go back to the factory and get a new door Newmark thought a little better than that like a little more thought into it so. I think you like the emergency exit window or exit door. I hope you never have to use it, but, if you do it's obviously a much better setup than some of the other options you might have let's move our eyes onto the back of the motor home.

I love the chrome accents we have on the back this year just make it look. So, much better this has a 360 horsepower Cummins engine and it tied to an Allison 6-speed transmission and we can tow 10,000 pounds behind that. So, even though it's a 37 foot diesel pusher it's still got it where it counts it's still going to climb the mountains and still going to--you're, if you have a big race trailer or something like that you want to build it'll still get that done as well beautiful one piece cap you can see the paint job on there their paint schemes are bored too sister.

I honestly don't know what this one's called yet for 2018 the coach showed up before the window sticker did. I don't have my cheat sheet yet. So, soon as we figure out the color we'll put it in the notes down at the bottom of the video there moving on for storage options let's take a look in here now as.

I always tell people with with this compartment most diesel pushers don't even put a storage box here you open it up and you can see the side of the engine well what that could is see on the site of the engine much better to actually have a little bit of storage here. So, there's that there we go the seals are new you got a slammin Martin we do have a power what's a 50 amp power cord it's 50 feet long and it's a power rewind that's kind of the best of all worlds right there this coach will run off a 30 amp, but it runs better off of 50. So, when it comes time to put that cord away instead of wrestling it, if you've ever wrestled one of these 50 amp cords when it's cold outside like Russell my bear it's.

So, much easier just to hit the, button and the court goes back in alright. I apologize this coach is a little dirty it literally just rolled in. So, we're in the middle of our busy season here it might be two weeks before it actually.

I can get it washed, but. I definitely want to get the information on the 2018 s out there this is our de F tank diesel exhaust fluid you use about one gallon of this 450 gallons of fuel that you use. So, in other words not much most people fill this tank twice a year ends up being much ado about nothing.the little compartment here is actually for your sewer hose or sewer hose has its own little storage box where it mingles with nothing else which is good you do get a good view here of your equalizer jack there there's four of those underneath the coach, but you can actually see the get a good view of the jack and how big of a platform it has on that hydraulic jack you can see your slide motor right here you want to see how beat the everything is that Newmar uses this is actually a one inch solid steel not hollow steel one inch solid steel shaft that runs underneath the slide room it has four cog wheels that are cast-iron and about this big around that actually run your slide room in and out.

So, Newmar slides are very very reliable because it's such a robust system it's not cheap cheap and chintzy and supplied by an aftermarket company it's often Newmar designed themselves and again exclusive to them on here is our wet Bay now the wet Bay is a heated compartment anytime your heating system inside the coach is running you're actually pumping heat into here as well so, if you're in cold weather temperatures you don't have to sweat it you also don't have to sweat it because Newmar has the thickest walls in the industry the thickest floors in the industry the thickest bagage doors in the industry they can screw up in the industry and by far the thickest floor in the industry everybody talks about how well insulated their coaches are and they give these fake our values out there that are you know better our values than the house has and that's interesting, but what's really what's really adorable is when they don't talk about their their their floor of their basement that's this thick when it comes to insulating something you're only as strong as your weakest point, if you do nice insulation up here, but your floors it's going to freeze like a popsicle folks this floor is this thick full of insulation it's just a better insulated coach now everything is labeled in here you do have a power hose grill you have a whole house water filtration system you have a black tank flush, if things start to smell a little bit inside the coach or your gauges well actually your gauges will never repulse in here that's a different conversation, but, if you want to rinse out your black tank you simply hook a hose up to that while you're dumping your black tank and it will actually rinse the inside of the tank as you go this clear hose here is for winterization it will suck the fluid right out of the bottle when it comes time to winterize which is a whole lot easier for you and uses a whole lot less RV antifreeze you've got hot and cold water out here to wash up with this is a lighted compartment this is a heated compartment can't say enough good about all right moving on all right we have a nice storage compartment and we also have a green box why the world is this green box probably thinking your motor home at home done now green box why do. I need a green box well the green box is the Oasis system the Oasis system is a hydronic heating system now hydronic heating works by circulating RV what we call boiler antifreeze throughout a closed-loop in the inside the coke. So, this is our little pump and this is our boiler room out here this fluid gets circulated throughout the coach there's little what we call heat exchanges they look like baby radiators hidden throughout the coach where you can't feel, but when you're heating with this system it uses either electric or diesel fuel to heat that boiler antifreeze circulates it throughout the coach and you get nice quiet efficient heat it doesn't dry the air out like a propane furnace does it doesn't make nearly as much noise as the propane furnace says it doesn't use nearly as much fuel even, if it's running on the diesel fuel side it doesn't use nearly as much fuels the propane furnace would use propane so, if you're in a 50 amp service this works pretty darn well off of electric as well, but you can always run it off diesel fuel for when you're in the extremes any questions on high drive does heat your water as well.

So, unlimited on-demand hot water. So, any questions on hydronic heating systems let me know. I would love to spend some time with you and we'll go over all that alright next compartment big pass-through storage no we did not put a tray in here we did not put a tray in here because sometimes you need the height and the tray you lose a couple inches of height you got a tall objects you'll appreciate not having that there's LED lighting all throughout here these are really neat to open up at night, but shooting videos at night is not.

So, neat. So, just take my word for the LED lighting underneath and then we have a bank of eight house batteries these are six volt interstate house batteries they're on a pullout tray for accessibility you can pull them out and check all your fluid levels in the batteries easy to get to wiring schematics right there, if you ever need to replace a battery you can't screw that up because they literally give you the map to how to do it right there all right what you didn't see is a propane tank on a 37-foot goes just about everything is going to appropriate we don't have a propane tank it's an all-electric coach. So, we'll go inside take a look at some of the options there before we do that we will pan around to the front actually.

I didn't even show you those though it would get up front there this is just some chassis fuses and everything here this is kind of a great lighter compartment, if you will some of the chassis components, but Newmar did put a nice little fuse holder in here that's new for 2018. So, you do have spare fuses for all the different sizes you might have up in the colors of our decent pusher we have a generator now that makes the most sense in the world because remember one your bedrooms at the back of the coat. So, having the generator as far away from you as possible is going to make it nice and quiet a diesel generator is pretty quiet anyway.

So, that that's nice because it does get you good power it's an 8000 most coaches of the size are going to have like a 6000 watt generator on them this is an 8000. So, a little little more robust again better to have too much of a ton of them. So, that's the thought here there are a couple of things on here they've taken the air horns and mounted them inside here turns out they work just as well there's still plenty loud, but they're not outside rusting and everything getting crowded up they're not up on the roof we're not poking holes in the roof which are more opportunities to leak they put them down here we'll also put this little red guy right here looks like a water spigot doesn't it that's because it's a water spigot this is tied directly to your hot water lines in the coach so, if you want to wash your coach or wash the bugs off your windshield you can do it with hot water right out the front of the coach and then we a little airline here well that airline has two purposes number one you can actually air up your tires or your beach ball or your basketball with it okay it's just a simple foot connect just like any other compressor because diesel coaches do have air tanks they do have compressors.

So, that's access to it it's also for serviceability in the event that God forbid a coach ever had to be towed and because it had an air system problem a tow truck that's equipped to tow this can actually introduce air into the system to release the brakes with that. So, just another nice little bit of trivia there on what those are actually for all right put this up now let's go inside and check out the inside of this coach okay we're inside the Ventana. I know people like it when we show them with the slides in.

So, we're going to start this is how you would be going down the road huge up front here huge nice and wide no restrictions whatsoever all the way back through the kitchen to the couch to the food gets a little slide right through here, but this is where all coaches kind of do that it's still plenty big enough to get through. I need the refrigerator. I need to get a drink out of the refrigerator enough also the bathroom this door is an articulating door.

So, once that's open up at a very easy in-and-out okay. So, now you've seen it with the slide then let's show two of the slide down okay we are inside of the 2018 gumar Ventana 3709 model nice small bath and a half model very maneuverable easy to get around. I was tooling around the parking lot in this and turned it around and a couple really effects lots of people shocked in the parking lot that.

I could actually make the turn that. I did so. I like, if you're looking for small and maneuverable this is a great one for you doesn't feel small you know when you're inside this feels like a big motor home it's just for that person that doesn't want forty three forty five footers this is a coach issue you should check out they did not skimp on the trend level when you look at this you've got a polished porcelain tile floor beautiful chorion everywhere flex steel furniture the lower beautiful woodwork all solid hardwood fiberglass for okay there's just no skimping going on here.

So, let's start up in the front we'll work our way to the back and as always, if you have questions. So, what is it they call now they've completely been able to change this panel this is one of my favorite changes they made this is no longer the head knocker this cabinet used to be deeper because it helped the Sony the big Sony 5.1 surround sound system which was a great system, but it was big and and being. So, big it made this cabinet big and then you knocked your head in your blood and.

I've done all this. So, here it's gone this cabinet is much much more scaled back they did two nice cabinets on either side of it here. So, we gained some storage and it just looks better because this one's not protruding is far we'll go over these controls briefly with you just.

So, you can kind of see what everything is all the way over here we have our satellite control we did option in and in motion satellite on this coach this is where you turn that on up to the monitor panel here this monitors the power that is coming into the coach. So, this this can kind of determine whether it's a 30 amp or a 50 amp service and help you not go over that load range by it actually will systematically turn some things on and off to keep you under your 30 amp service and that's what's happened to be on. So, neat system the best part of this is it will tell you all sorts of stuff, but you really never have to touch it.

So, that's a beautiful thing new for this year the new Newmark gauge system here instead of being like one-third full 2/3 full that type of thing it's actually all digitally laid out now you know our batteries aren't two-thirds full we've got 14 point 4 volts on the house and twelve point four six on the chassis. So, you can tell exactly what they're doing our fresh tank does 25% of our grant our block Rob's little is zero. So, everything being digital is going to be much more accurate it's also easier to read when you look at it it's actually very easy to see what's going on this runs your awning open the little awning open the door in and out this runs your Manor awning in and out and controls the motion sensor that would bring it back in in extreme winds this box up here actually controls your inverter now inverters do the opposite of converters an inverter takes battery power 12-volt DC current and inverts it into 110 volt AC current which is what we have when we plug something in on our house benefit there is.

I take that back to eight batteries run it through a 2800 watt inverter and run my electric refrigerator going down the road indefinitely the we run the engine it charges your batteries your batteries supply the inverter inverter supplies the refrigerator it's an endless cycle, if you shut off the engine you're no longer charging you can go somewhere to the three days without any extra charging your batteries are good without any extra influences charging those batteries you can go two to three days now, if you start your generator you're charging your batteries start your engine you're charging your batteries you plug in at a campground you're charging your batteries. So, these all-electric coaches. I know some people are still a little concerned that the refrigerator goes wrong propane anymore, but the refrigerators have gotten more reliable and people love the extra space of the all electric refrigerators because of the inverters, but anyway your inverter control is right here this also has a, button called a GSA ESS auto-generate art and your Auto generator start can be set to, if your coach is in storage and the batteries start to get a little weak.

So, you set your AGS to come on at 11.7 your batteries drop down to eleven point seven volts the generator fires up and runs for three hours well charges your batteries back up that's an awesome setup can also be set to come on for demand from the thermostat so, if you set it to reach, if it reached a certain temperature in here and the thermostat needs to come on it will come on start the generator itself. So, that you can run the air conditioners and you weren't even home to make all this happen you've preset it ahead of time. So, auto generators are very high in feature very nice it's actually pretty easy to program just someone wants to see how that works come on in next box here this little boxes controls our slide outs for our front two slides that's how you run those in and out we have our oasis system here we talked about that on the outside that it will actually run off of electric or off of diesel d-21 you turn that system on right here and then we have our exterior steps which in our security lights for the passenger side right here in this control as well and you do a little bit of storage up there, if you needed.

So, pretty slick alright. So, now we got our control center go around the dash here a little bit we have a fully automatic leveling jack system you want to level this coach you just pull into your camp spot you set your brake you hit power you hit Auto level you walk away engine brake engine brake can actually use the engine to slow you down in the mountains and such, if you top a mountain and you're going downhill instead of riding your brakes which it's going to heat up your brakes going to wear on your brakes and eventually brakes will fail, if they get too hot you actually use your engine brake just turn it on and leave it on and then anytime you take your foot off the gas it will start to slow the coach down, but it uses the engine to do it not your brake not wearing out your brakes this is your six speed Allison transmission control panel this is a smart transmission by default it goes into what's called an economy mode which is going to shift at the points where you get you the best fuel economy, but you can also switch it into a more user learning mode where it learns how you drive and will actually put it shift points based on how you accelerate for smoothness on a Motorhome application out the adjacent fuel economy a whole lot, but that's that's what this systems for you can also check like your fluid levels and everything through this panel you put it in hit your mode switch there and you can actually run it through and check your transmission fluid and that type of thing right through that touchpad. So, a lot of neat features there you've got to drink holders here and then storage cubbies down below we put this year they've got the charging pad in here my phone is now charging.

I just set it there and the charger came on so, if your phone supports Wireless what we call Qi charging then all you have to set it on that patnik charge is going down the road. I put one of those. I liked it.

So, much on here. I honestly put one of my own vehicle it's awesome. I just set my phone up there and it charges well on going down the road here is your controls for your Karen at your control that's your screen for your cameras you have a backup camera and you have two side cameras.

So, that's nice and then there's comfort drive control here what's this comfort drive you ask well let's talk about comfort drive for a moment. I'm going to take a seat start my engine and we're going to demonstrate comfort drive now what comfort drive is is it's a computer-controlled steering servo with a bunch of words what's it do well what it does is it takes all the fatigue off the driver and the coach does the work point how it does it is a couple things it's going to do for it first of all, if you've ever driven the owner diesel coach or you spend much time driving one you know when you're when you're maneuvering when you're in those gas stations when you're in that tight campground or you're backing into a spot driving a diesel coaches a lot of this hand over hand and you're balancing them to see you're you know you're working a little bit you don't think about it at the time, but you're working and after you know a few hours of working you're ready to be done yeah. So, the first thing comfort drive does it takes all the resistance either the steering wheel there's a control port here you can turn it up or down based on what you want, but the big thing to realize try this on your diesel pusher at home instead of the big hand over hand exercising pinky finger come on be able to work my coach with my pinky finger that's pretty neat there's something else off let your coach at home doesn't do.

I won't go back to Center on its own folks we're not going down the road right now we're two dead stop in my parking lot the jacks are not down we're just sitting on the ground the coach always takes itself back to what we call zero back to straight ahead that's nice because when you're getting backed up and you're getting lined up with that parking spot in your person that's five you says okay now straight backing start the string do it with stuff one time around Ariana and. I can't can't see your wheels you don't know, if they're straight we love it here the lot over park in the new bars does William lined up you just let go the wheel straight to the top. I pack it right in.

So, it always going back to zero is wonderful the other thing it does is anybody that's ever spent much time driving a motor home gas or diesel either one has done this you're going straight down the road and instead of your wheel being nice and comfortable a pair like this okay you're doing this and the reason you're doing that is because you got a crosswind coming this way and you're doing you're turning your wheel to here just to go straight sometimes. I'd see that where you're turning to your will to here just to go straight that causes a lot of driver fatigue it causes stress and anytime you get yourself fighting that crosswind, if you pay attention you're not doing this you're whiten up okay you're holding on to your coach it's not fun sunsalute it's not easy the comfort drive system after about 30 seconds at speed it realizes hey that this will stock we're fighting the cross way you don't even feel that happen, but all of a sudden you're back to 10 and 2 and the wheels is light as a feather you don't even feel it happen in its fight in the cross wind for you the difference is and. I have many customers that are reporting back they they all love it, but the ones that really take the long trips love it the most because they were going to drive for hours and they went six or eight hours because it just weren't time to sit in a very comfortable chair and instead of this or this this is how you drive a new moment it's a thumb and two fingers and you're having a nice conversation one hand to hand doesn't matter this is how you drive a numark comfort drive is a game-changer it is exclusive to Newmont, if you don't believe it is a game-changer drive it talk is cheap.

I realize. I'm a salesperson. I get all that driving call my bluff see the difference come to me, if you're close by come to me.

I'll Drive you in any other coach you want to drive on my lot that doesn't have it it will drive it in this and you tell me, if it's a game-changer without fail a disc. So, enough on that one is it got my two cents worth in on comfort drive there okay passenger side well we got a nice step well cover here they've moved the controls to that. I believe yeah control sport used to be in the center of the dash and now gave it directly to the passenger that's probably the person that needs it the most there we go and this is very safe to stand on.

So, your feet as a passenger aren't dangling over the hole this shouldn't be dangling anyway because this chair actually has a nicer finer built into it. So, there you go all right let's move throughout the coach here we have a nice fireplace straight across from the sofa we have at elevator now one thing they did change is here. I came in this coach.

I'm like well. I want to. I want to raise the TV where's my where's my elevator switch it's always right here haha.

I thought over here makes a lot more sense to have it near where you're sitting as opposed to have it over there there's your televator switch of course we're all LED lighting through here. I mean those are things you expect we have MCD shades throughout this know supposedly respect this is solid wood the hair. So, is this most coaches is not okay this is usually a wrap foot of some kind this is real wood enough in time.

So, you'll like that we've got our blu-ray player in here we did go away from the solar system, but look what we put in its a bose system. So, stepped it up even more even better incredible sound bar system and actually makes a little more sense a sound bar in my mind makes a little more sense of the motor home applications less wiring less speakers throughout all centrally located that's a huge huge win for this year 2018 all right here by we'll see the kitchen storage. So, here we go get them open up.

So, everybody says they want to see oops notice. I count seven drawers in the kitchen lots of cabinets adjustable space a pullout tray on the deep cabinet here above the sink 30 inch convection microwave here as well as a whirlpool alright let me close these up. I'll show you another thing you know work out just closing all the cabinets we have an induction undermount cooktop, if you're not familiar with induction.

I have one of these at home. I love it these are the ones that hook on just they have to be steel pans that be magnetic. So, you do have to have a different set of cookware, if you have all of them cookware at home that won't work on here, but everything else everything steel does and you like it heats up very quickly it cools off very quickly just a couple minutes after taking up an off there that's cool to the touch you can do that with a glass cooktop the big thing in for is for motorhome applications they actually use less energy than a true electric cooktop which allows us to put it in a Motorhome application a little easier you don't have to have a 220 volt service dedicated to that that's what cup also comes out you can take it outside and cook without a picnic table, if you want it pull down thanks prayer double bowl stainless sink look at your chorion look at your backsplash Neymar does all that themselves and see some of the backlit accent lighting here as well we talked about the hydronic heating system outside.

I told you they hit those heat exchanges willwerth they hide them have one there there's one down here. So, you can see you probably looked at those kits and storage and never even notice the little louvers that's where your heat exchangers are for the coach there's one down here below this and beer backing up back. So, they're very well hidden throughout by the way how quiet is the new are the generators running two air conditioners are running on this Coast right now has been the whole time.

So, you don't even hear you just it's. So, darn quiet here's why you don't hear it oops inside there we go new large ducting system there air can you see the air condition the air conditioner doesn't stick down into the coach window air conditioners stick into your room central air should not. So, these are output ducks here these are returned ducks here there's a nice thick roof in between us lots of insulation.

So, it's much more of a central air type system how easy your filters to clean that's nice and when you're done cleaning them you're done alright. So, moving on we have a height of it sofa here okay that's a standard residential height of bed a booth dinette we did the new are call sister comfort booth this will make into a bed and there is storage underneath fully restaurant the Whirlpool refrigerator with the drawers are below big pantry adjustable shelves we have a double pocket door here these lock themselves in place either fully open or closed. So, you don't have any special latches, if you have to tether back with just push it back into the spot and it's locked in place this is a full wall slide on this side the kitchen is on its own slide the bed is on its own slide come back in here we have a nice queen-size bed to wardrobe closets five tours below another nice Sony television there is a blu-ray player for in here as well we'll get a shot of the storage above the bed oh.

I skip the hot bath tonight machine driving my cameraman crazy all right get a shot of the half bath here nice size it's not huge, but it's a half bath this is made to use when you're going down the road or for your guests seems once you have camp set up because you got your own bathroom all right sorry about that now we'll get to the full bath back here this is really nice size we have about a 38 inch. I believe might be 36 neo angle shower in here back in this corner there's a nice wardrobe with a safe good this is beef there's a lot of countertop space here also deep here. So, nice deep medicine cabinet this back in the corner.

So, we have a 37-foot coach with a bath and a half a stackable washer dryer three wardrobe closets a full wall slide and two other slides and we'll see the emergency egress door from the inside here it is this you saw me jump out of here from the from the outside here it is from the inside again there's no latch on the outside so. I think it's funny they put a lock on it you can lock it, but since there's no handle on the outside it'd be kind of hard to open, but that's what this is this is just up here this pops right off the wall, if you wanted more space around here this whole window treatment is just latched on the wall. So, you can pop it right off there, if you want to.

I think we're about to cover it and my cameraman has given me the sign that we're about to lose the battery so. I think we better wrap this one up hope you've enjoyed this video please click like down at the bottom call me with any questions thanks for watching my name is Chris Anderson. I'm with mountaintop retardation Oh.

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